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Score One for Awareness

September’s cover guy Dave Perewitz brings his notoriety to Allstate’s Once Is Not Enough Program, making us all look twice at the insurance giant’s safety initiative.


September’s cover guy Dave Perewitz brings his notoriety to Allstate’s Once Is Not Enough Program, making us all look twice at the insurance giant’s safety initiative. “Allstate was looking for someone influential in the motorcycle community who could represent riders everywhere to caution people on the road from something all of us have encountered – someone not seeing us,” says Perewitz. “Having over 40 years of riding experience, I can tell you looking once is never enough, and I feel like it’s my responsibility to pass that message along.”

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Destination Safety

Once is Not Enough, or ONE for short, got off the ground in the summer of 2009. Allstate focuses its awareness efforts in destinations including Daytona, Laughlin, Laconia and Sturgis the week leading into these major events.

“To get the point across, we’re doing a few things,” says an Allstate representative. “First, we’re working with officials from these busy rally cities to identify the most dangerous intersections for motorcycle crashes. We’re also donating yellow diamond-shaped cautionary traffic signs to be placed at some of the hotspots. The signs are emblazoned with the word “Look” and a silhouette of a motorcycle as a visual reminder.”

Once rally time rolls around, the Allstate crew has already prepped local motorists to be cautious for riders, and then it’s Perewitz’s time to shine! “I have seen too many people get hurt because someone didn’t look twice,” shares Perewitz as he relates why he’s teamed up with Allstate.

“Appearances at consumer events have been very positive for my business,” says Perewitz. “We have a number of custom bikes including the new Allstate motorcycle on site for people to look at. I am there to answer questions about bikes and talk about experiences I have had pertaining to riding smart and safely. People love to hear the true life stories.”

While consumers react incredibly positively to Dave’s safety message, when it comes to Perewitz, it’s no doubt that what really draws a crowd are his sweet custom creations. The bike featured on this month’s cover is the 2009 Allstate Bobber, which was given away by Allstate to a lucky winner at the end of last year’s rally season. This year’s bike is just as tricked out. “The new Allstate bike is a pro street-style bike, but not too long like the traditional bike,” notes Perewitz. “Its bright orange color helps people see it coming.” The six-piston front brake gets a 13-inch rotor for added stopping power, and the rear gets a radial mount caliper. The engine is a 100ci Indian V-Plus with two front cylinders and two carburetors on the left side. Perewitz ran with a Baker six-speed right side transmission, Performance Machine wheels and brakes, and a Rolling Thunder frame. The final candy coat  of paint is “O-So-Orange” by PPG.

Allstate’s Stand

I asked Allstate vice president of emerging businesses Julie Parsons why the ONE initiative is important to the company. “It is something we believe brings value to Allstate customers, riders in general, and of course ultimately we want to sell motorcycle insurance, so it increases awareness for Allstate motorcycle insurance in a way that I think is very good,” she says.


Quoting the Motorcycle Safety Foundation figure that 80 percent of all motorcycle accidents result in an injury or a fatality, coupled with the fact that the No. 1 reason riders crash is that motorists don’t see them, Parsons stresses that it’s not all about selling the insurance, it’s about protecting the rider. “It is also really important to increase awareness of motorists in general that they’re sharing the road with riders,” says Parsons.

Allstate’s work on safety and prevention isn’t new to the insurance company. Allstate was instrumental in making seat belts mandatory, they helped put airbags in cars, and you may be familiar with the company’s current campaign aimed at keeping teen drivers safe. While the ONE campaign has been more grassroots in nature, the company continues to tour with Perewitz at consumer rallies and plans to expand its awareness campaign in the future.
”We get very positive responses to anything about motorcycle safety,” says Parsons. “It’s something that resonates with riders: I think all riders are aware that there’s an element of risk in the sport, and so they’re interested in the thrill but not really the danger.”


Parsons stressed that two wheels are a major focus of the insurance carrier. “I would love the word to get out about Allstate really being serious about motorcycle insurance,” she says. “We’re very interested in the motorcycling community and protecting riders —  over the past several years we’ve actually doubled our market share in motorcycles. We intent to be a big player and to make a difference in the motorcycle  community.”

Spread The ONE Message

Want to spread the word in your own community? Allstate wants to recruit you to its grassroots efforts by offering you its materials to you free of charge. Want “Look” T-shirts, window clings and signage? Contact Allstate director of marketing John M. Anderson at [email protected] or (847) 402-3873 for assistance in launching your own ONE campaign.


In addition, you can visit to download the “Biker Awareness” letter to share with your customers and your community.
Perewitz also stresses that education is key to rider safety. “Dealers can influence riders to take motorcycle training courses, which helps sharpen safe and defensive riding habits,” says Perewitz. “All riders — both beginner and advanced — can benefit from training.” Want more information on how you can engage riders in education? Flip to managing editor Brendan Baker’s feature on promoting education.


Remember that once is never enough — this is a message that needs to continue to be spread and Allstate’s continued partnership with Perewitz is sure to keep the program visible with riders and most importantly, automobile drivers.

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