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Red Line’s V-Twin Powerpack Offers a Head Start for the Spring Season

The Red Line Oil V-Twin PowerPack comes with everything required to freshen up a V-twin’s internals and was created with the most dedicated of riders and road warriors in mind. 


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Red Line Synthetic Oil now offers an easy and practical lubricant kit to prepare V-Twin motorcycles for the spring riding season. The Red Line Oil V-Twin PowerPack comes with everything required to freshen up a V-twin’s internals and was created with the most dedicated of riders and road warriors in mind.

The V-Twin PowerPack includes five quarts of either 20W50 or 20W60 Motorcycle Oil, one quart of V-Twin Transmission Oil with ShockProof, one quart of Primary Chain Case Oil, one bottle of Fuel Injection Cleaner for Motorcycles, a specially designed funnel, a Red Line hat and a Red Line Sticker Kit. Riders preparing their motorcycles for the open road come springtime, have everything necessary to ensure their bikes are up to the task. Each V-Twin PowerPack has been rigorously assessed for compatibility and is sold with enough fluid for a complete lubricant change.

Red Line’s 20W50 and 20W60 Motorcycle Oils offer advanced wear protection and extended drain intervals compared to other leading brands in the motorcycle segment. The 20W50 Motorcycle Oil is formulated for the majority of V-twin engines and blended with specific friction modifiers that are suitable for wet clutches and JASO MA applications. Red Line’s 20W60 Motorcycle Oil is appropriate for V-twins with wider clearances and those operating in extreme heat conditions. The included V-Twin Transmission Oil with ShockProof works to dampen transmission noise and dramatically reduces operating temperatures. ShockProof is specifically engineered for transmissions that experience high loads and intense heat, reducing metal-to-metal contact of gear teeth and extending the life of the transmission.


“V-twin riders expect the best lubricants for their prized motorcycles and our mission was to bring those products to them in a practical package,” said Willie McCoy at Red Line Synthetic Oil. “We are delighted to create some of the highest quality oils and lubricants available to consumers in the motorcycle sector. With our V-Twin Powerpacks, riders have the products necessary for a successful start to the spring riding season.”

Red Line Synthetic Oil began formulating products for motorsport applications understanding racers only accept the best of the best. This idea of creating the most advanced lubricants and additives has transformed into a guiding principle of the brand for all its products including Red Line’s H-D V-Twin line.


Evolution engines

Twin-Cam engines

Milwaukee-Eight engines


Flathead engines

Knucklehead engines

Shovelhead engines

Panhead engines

Big Twin engines operated in hot climates or with wide clearances

Note: 2007+ H-D motorcycles with 96-inch engines require an extra bottle of Primary Chain Case Oil

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