New Line of Kawasaki Performance Oils

The oils combine updated branding with all-new motorcycle formulations and even greater improved performance.

With decades of experience offering top performance and high-quality oils to powersports owners, Kawasaki is excited to announce a new line-up of Kawasaki Performance Oils (KPO). Combining updated branding with all-new motorcycle formulations and even greater improved performance, the new KPO product line-up consists of industry-leading products exclusively designed and tested for Kawasaki engines to meet or exceed performance requirements and keep your powersport vehicle running at its best.

Adding to the refreshed branding will be an all-new motorcycle oil blend with the KPO four-stroke motorcycle engine oil that is optimized for performance and tested and proven for durability. Kawasaki’s industry-leading push didn’t stop there, as several performance improvements have been made to the ATV/UTV and Jet Ski oil categories. The KPO lineup of products continues to push beyond the highest industry standards, including JASO and API, resulting in motorcycles running cleaner, cooler and smoother. KPO products have been developed and tested to provide the highest-rated oil line-up amongst original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and in the industry, making KPO the ultimate choice for your maintenance needs.

KPO Motorcycle Oils

The all-new KPO four-stroke motorcycle engine oil utilizes the highest-quality base oils and patented cutting-edge dual friction technologies. Modern engines demand better oil due to tighter clearances, higher RPMs and hotter running temperatures, which is exactly what KPO four-stroke motorcycle oil was designed for. It has been tested and proven to reduce engine friction while producing high clutch friction, providing the rider with an excellent clutch and shift feel. This new formula also produces excellent engine cleanliness and durability. The KPO four-stroke oil is offered in full synthetic, semi-synthetic and conventional four-stroke engine oil.

KPO full synthetic four-stroke oil has been formulated to provide the ultimate clutch feel and durability while providing superior protection under extreme conditions. This motorcycle-specific formula provides dual friction technology that offers low friction in the engine and three times the JASO MA2 clutch friction performance durability. It delivers maximum engine lubrication and protection over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions, including high RPM, high temperatures and extreme cold.

KPO semi-synthetic four-stroke engine oil has been blended with high-quality base oils and superior synthetic oil to keep your Kawasaki protected and performing at its best. Featuring optimum engine lubrication over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions, superior engine and bearing wear protection is delivered, and a prolonged engine life is achieved through engine cleanliness and reduced oil volatility.

KPO conventional four-stroke engine oil utilizes high-quality base oils and additives for a formulation that keeps your Kawasaki’s engine and transmission clean and efficient, making it the right choice for owners who want quality engine oil at a great price. It provides outstanding piston cleanliness to help prevent deposit and ring sticking as well as excellent camshaft wear protection for a long engine life. It’s available in several options, including 10W-30, 10W-40 and 20W-50.

KPO semi-synthetic two-stroke racing oil is formulated for superior performance in harsh racing environments and formulated for premix or oil injection systems. The semi-synthetic formula provides superior performance in racing environments with prolonged engine life and power with ash-less detergent and dispersant technology. This high-performance oil protects the engine from deposits, hot spots and corrosion.


The KPO ATV/UTV full synthetic four-stroke engine oil has been formulated and extensively tested for your engine and transmission to provide superior performance and protection under high load, high heat and extreme cold environments. It’s designed to work for both gasoline and diesel applications.

The full synthetic provides maximum engine lubrication over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions. It delivers superior performance and engine durability, including excellent bearing wear protection. In addition to improved engine cleanliness and reduced oil volatility, it demonstrates excellent viscosity stability, corrosion resistance and oxidation control characteristics that are ideal for harsh operating environments required for protection in newer engines.

KPO ATV/UTV semi-synthetic four-stroke engine oil is formulated to provide maximum engine lubrication over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions found in real-world experience. Similar to the full synthetic, it’s recommended for both gasoline and diesel applications. The semi-synthetic formula delivers high-performance and engine durability as well as advanced wear protection for increased engine durability and a long engine life. It boasts excellent acid neutralization and oxidation control characteristics required for protection in newer engines while improving performance in older engines.

KPO Jet Ski Watercraft Oil

The KPO Jet Ski watercraft full synthetic oil has been developed and extensively tested for your engine to provide superior performance and protection in harsh marine environments. Using a full synthetic formula, it’s blended to provide superior rust and corrosion protection in high-performance marine engines and designed to tackle the toughest of environments. It helps maintain viscosity at high temperatures, high speeds and under a high load.

Just like the full synthetic watercraft oil, the KPO Jet Ski watercraft two-stroke oil has been developed to provide superior performance and protection, regardless of how harsh the environment might be. It’s formulated for premix or oil injection systems. This formula provides top performance and protection for two-stroke, water-cooled engines and helps them maintain cleanliness and power throughout the life of the engine. It’s designed to protect at idle and wide open throttle for immediate engine response on the water.


The new and improved KPO ATV/UTV, Jet Ski watercraft and two-stroke motorcycle and gear oils will be available beginning early February. The all-new KPO motorcycle four-stroke oil is set to hit the shelves at your local Kawasaki dealer beginning in April.

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