Powersports Data Solutions launches new versions of Service Manager Pro and ZPlan

SMP 3.0 features enhanced electrical specifications for vehicle charging systems.

The new version of Service Manager Pro (SMP 3.0) features enhanced electrical specifications for vehicle charging systems and even the voltages and pin outs of some of the most common sensors that fail.

SMP 3.0 also includes original equipment manufacturer (OEM) accessories from some of our most popular brands.  SMP OEM accessory information is published with the install times, required parts and even the instructions. 

“We realized that many service departments struggle with offering a quote to a customer for accessory installation in a timely fashion during the sales process,” said C.R. Gittere, president of Powersports Data Solutions. “We focused this new dataset on accessories that require an install time and then added the required parts needed for the install in the same dataset. This will make adding all the required parts and the labor for the install to the repair order quick and easy for the service writer or parts associate.”

The biggest feature of the new version of SMP is the extended service contract and insurance claims portal. This new section of SMP will allow any dealer to auto-submit an estimate to any of Powersports Data Solutions’ extended service contract or insurance companies that use SMP for adjudication.

“Over the years, SMP has become the industry standard for extended service contract and insurance companies to adjudicate claims,” Gittere continued. “With over 25 extended service contract and insurance companies using SMP every day, we felt it was time for us to step up to the plate and create a way for our customers communicate seamlessly.”

Powersports Data Solutions has also launched a new version of its industry-leading ZPlan scheduling software. This new version of ZPlan will allow a dealership to send repair order data directly from its daily calendar to extended service contract companies and insurance companies.  When the service contract companies and insurance companies approve the request, the user will be notified of the approval in his or her ZPlan in real time for fast and easy scheduling of the service or repair.

“When we developed ZPLan, we focused on speed and efficiency of scheduling work. With our new version of ZPlan, a dealership can auto-submit a repair order to the service contract and insurance companies without retyping anything. This will save dealerships and extended service contract companies thousands of hours per year and help to eliminate hold times and phone tag,” Gittere explained.

Dealerships can upgrade to SMP 3.0 by contacting customer service at (704) 504-1731 or by logging into their accounts and changing their subscription terms. Dealerships using ZPlan with integration will automatically be upgraded to the newest version.

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