Yamaha Announces Release of Y-Connect

Yamaha will start rolling out Y-Connect technology with with the new 2023 XMAX scooter and 2023 MT-07.

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA has announced the introduction of Yamaha Motorcycle Connect (Y-Connect) smartphone connectivity. While many modern riders already incorporate smartphone technology into their daily riding, whether through wireless calling, listening to music, navigation or data-sharing apps, Y-Connect opens a new world of interaction by establishing a direct link between the motorcycle and smartphone, enabling a wide variety of new functionality in a simple, intuitive platform focused on maximizing convenience for the rider.

Beginning with the new 2023 XMAX scooter and 2023 MT-07, Yamaha will start rolling out Y-Connect technology with varying levels of functionality depending on model and need — from phone, text and email notifications at the base level for the 2023 MT-07 without handlebar controls, up to a fully interactive turn-by-turn satellite navigation display with handlebar-mounted phone, music and navigation controls available exclusively on the 2023 XMAX’s more advanced version. Working in conjunction with the new Y-Connect smartphone app (available for either iOS or Android operating systems beginning on Nov. 8 at 10 p.m. EST), information can be shared via wireless Bluetooth connection both from the rider’s phone to the motorcycle’s TFT display and from the motorcycle’s Communication Control Unit (CCU) to the Y-Connect app, enabling a wide range of vehicle running information to be collected and displayed within the smartphone app. Best of all, both standard-equipment Y-Connect compatibility and the Yamaha Y-Connect app are free of charge.

“Like everyone else, motorcyclists are increasingly reliant on their smartphones for bringing a wider and wider range of information and modern conveniences to their fingertips,” said Derek Brooks, Yamaha Motorcycle product line manager. “Our new Y-Connect technology is designed to move Yamaha to the forefront of motorcycle connectivity with an intuitive, rider-focused platform that will greatly improve the overall riding experience.”

While the level of Y-Connect functionality varies by model, some available features include the following.

Onboard Navigation

By installing the Garmin StreetCross navigation app on the user’s smartphone and pairing it to the bike’s CCU, the TFT display can be used as an onboard turn-by-turn navigation system enabled through the StreetCross app. Garmin’s StreetCross app will be available for either iOS or Android operating systems beginning on Nov. 8 at 10 p.m. EST and is free of charge.

Call, Text and Email Notifications

By installing the Y-Connect app on a smartphone and pairing it to the bike’s CCU, users can receive text, email and call notifications as well as additional information, like weather forecasts, time, phone battery level and connection status, displayed on the bike’s TFT screen. On certain models equipped with handlebar controls, Y-CONNECT can be paired with a Bluetooth headset to enable ability to receive or reject incoming calls.

Music Capability

On certain models equipped with handlebar controls, Y-Connect can be paired with a Bluetooth headset to enable music selection and volume control.

Vehicle Running Information

Through the Y-Connect app, information gleaned from the bike’s various sensors, including engine speed, average fuel consumption, coolant temperature, battery voltage and ambient temperature, can be displayed on the bike’s TFT screen. Vehicle data can also be collected within the app for viewing on the rider’s smartphone, providing such valuable information as service interval recommendations or last known location of the vehicle.

Additional Features

The Y-Connect app also includes a range of additional features, such as the RevsDashboard screen, which displays data including engine rpm, degree of throttle opening, acceleration, real-time fuel consumption and an eco-friendly riding indicator. Riders can also generate a personal riding log to track their rides: Everything from date, time, route, weather and temperature to average speed, average fuel consumption, top speed, fuel volume consumed, average engine rpm, average throttle opening, eco-riding points, odometer record, elevation and air pressure can all be logged and shared. Owners can even choose to share their ride information to receive rankings comparing themselves with other Yamaha riders either within the U.S. or around the world.

For more information related to all Yamaha products, visit https://www.yamahamotorsports.com.

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