Motion Pro Multi-Valve Tool

Chris Tyree, the service manager at Unique Powersports in Sullivan, Missouri, serves up the dish on the Motion Pro Multi-Valve Tool. Give us a buzz to score your FREE review tool, but act fast because we’ve only got room for a few tech testers!

Chris Tyree over at Unique Powersports has become one of our go-to tool-testers, so when the Motion Pro Multi-Valve tool fell into our laps, we shipped it right his way. “It beats the snot of our working with a traditional spring compression tool in all cases,” he says. “In fact, most technicians will find themselves replacing the use of conventional spring tools altogether. With a simple, one-handed operation, the Multi-Valve tool allows you to quickly install and move to the next part of your project.” He continues, “Because of the time savings and easy operation, the multi-valve tool is invaluable in a busy shop that performs a lot of cylinder head work. Our test tool was well-suited to use with utility ATVs, which are a big portion of our work. Likewise, Motion Pro also offers two other sizes of the same tool, allowing a technician to cover any range of four-stroke motor work … Most technicians will find that comparing this tool to conventional methods is like counting beans versus using a calculator.” Thanks Chris, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. If your shop does any measure of cylinder head work, this sounds like it’s the tool for you.

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