MBQ-CAM-1 Auxiliary Camera Kit

Enhance your on-the-go MB Quart source unit with the MBQ-CAM-1 and see more of your adventure.

Meet the all-new MB Quart MBQ-CAM-1 Auxiliary Camera Kit. Enhancing outdoor adventures with a 170-degree vertical angle and 150 horizontal angle, the MBQ-CAM-1 Auxiliary Camera Kit makes more out of your MB Quart source unit. Compatible with the GMR7V1, GMR-LED and most other source units with camera inputs, it includes flush and stand-alone mounts as well as a carling switch to make accessibility and control easy and simple.

The MBQ-CAM-1 Auxiliary Camera Kit is marine-grade protected with an IP Rating of IP67/IP69K. Get ready to tackle the outdoor conditions while staying protected against the elements with the MBQ-CAM-1. A universal installation with flush and stand-alone mounts is included to cover all applications your vehicle fitment may require. Compatible with universal vehicle fitments and MB Quart source units as well as most other source units, the image sensor is a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor camera as the input voltage is 12-volt DC.

Alden Stiefel, president of Maxxsonics, mentioned,“The MBQ-CAM-1 Auxiliary Camera Kit adds another layer of innovation and features to your GMR7V1 or GMR-LED MB Quart source unit. This is a must-have addition when traversing the outdoors, as it makes seeing everything easier and effortlessly. We are very excited to have this upgrade to MB Quart source units and most other source units with camera inputs.”

No matter what the journey ahead brings, the MBQ-CAM-1 Auxiliary Camera Kit has you covered from all angles of sight. With 150 degrees on the horizontal angle and 170 degrees on the vertical angle, you will have eyes everywhere on every path ahead. It’s a huge upgrade and enhancement to the GMR7V1 and GMR-LED MB Quart source units, and you can obtain more protection against the elements with IP67/IP69K Marine-grade IP Rating and take on adventures around every corner.

Sam Dattalo, vice president of sales at Maxxsonics, said, “The perfect companion and a great addition to the GMR7V1 or GMR-LED MB Quart source units, the MBQ-CAM-1 Auxiliary Camera Kit delivers amazing performance and visual sight to any outdoor journey. These auxiliary camera kits are going to be a needed add-on to getting the most out of your MB Quart source unit and other source units with camera inputs, and I’m so excited to finally have this out. With the 1/3-inch CMOS sensor camera covering every aspect around you and included mounting hardware and a carling switch, the MBQ-CAM-1 Auxiliary Camera Kit is the full upgrade package for every source unit that seeks more from the great outdoors.”

Upgrade your MB Quart GMR7V1, GMR-LED or most other source units with camera inputs with the MBQ-CAM-1 Auxiliary Camera Kit. See more from the outdoors and add another layer of enhancement to your MB Quart audio installation!

For a complete breakdown of the MB Quart MBQ-CAM-1 Auxiliary Camera Kit, visit https://mbquart.com/shop/marine/marine-accessories/mbq-cam-1-auxiliary-camera-kit/.

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