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KC Launches FLEX ERA 3 Lights

From A-pillars and bumpers to racks and fog pockets and beyond, the FLEX ERA 3 is a runway for versatility and customization without sacrificing light output.


KC released its next era in off-road lighting, the KC FLEX ERA 3. The entire product line is being updated to reflect a highly focused effort  across both aesthetics and power with the FLEX ERA 3 being the first to be unveiled.

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The KC FLEX ERA 3;  a purpose-built solution to meet the needs of off-roaders for a compact and powerful light. From A-pillars and bumpers to racks and fog pockets and beyond, the FLEX ERA 3 is a runway for versatility and customization without sacrificing light output.

“It’s been too long since we’ve put some focus on our loyal Toyota, Subaru and UTV communities. We believe that the FLEX ERA 3’s iconic new shape, extremely compact footprint and unique bezel color personalization will resonate with these consumer segments. Most importantly, we’re innovating and thinking like industry leaders both in aesthetic, function and performance,” said CEO, Alan Wang.

This small and mighty powerhouse features an iconic and unique 3-light triangular form factor featuring an amber backlight and 3 high powered CREE LEDs rivaling anything else similar in size. “We like to think of 3 lights being more powerful than 2 but as good as 4 in less space. Again, KC is taking risks to bring customers a level of personality and performance never seen,” said director of marketing, Ali Sedaghat.

The aluminum housing itself features an extremely thoughtful and unique tooling and die cast process allowing for a shape that is multifaceted in its approach to heatsink fin design and visual appeal. The cast aluminum structure also boasts greater durability over its predecessor and works functionally to dissipate the heat away from the diodes.


As with all KC products, the FLEX ERA 3 has been battle tested by our off-road race teams before making it to the public. With an IP68 rating you’re talking, dust proof, waterproof and adventure proof. From the mountains of Colorado to the hot desert roads of Baja, the FLEX ERA 3 has been designed to withstand the elements. And speaking of heat, the FLEX series also features LED thermal protection so they’ll automatically adjust to all the environmental variables during any adventure.

With an initial offering in spot and combo patterns the FLEX ERA 3 will also be available in an SAE FOG pattern with either clear or amber lenses. At the core of the FLEX series is its adaptability to various needs. We’ve designed it with modularity in mind;  available bezels in multiple colors (red, blue, black, and gold), multiple optics (spot and spread), and snap-on covers (black printed with KC logos, clear and amber).


Mounting is easy and features a repositionable mounting bracket that can orient the light 180 degrees from center. This opens up the room for builders to create their own mounts as well as unique positioning of the light for custom placements to a symmetrical staggered look by running them in series.

The FLEX ERA 3 is the culmination of over 50 years of passion to inspire people & communities and our lighting experience.  Just the beginning of the next 50 years of helping our consumers to Adventure Further. We look forward to seeing where that adventure takes you!

MSRP: $399

Link: KC HiLites

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