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Indoors Are For TV, Outdoors Are For UTVs

Utility Task Vehicles have become much more popular between avid powersport riders and new users, therefore creating one of the most rapidly growing powersport sectors.

If two wheels are better than one, then four wheels are way better than two. Utility Task Vehicles have become much more popular between avid powersport riders and new users, therefore creating one of the most rapidly growing powersport sectors.

Whether the vehicles are for utility or leisure, people are loving these adrenaline-pumping off-road vehicles. But with the rise of the off-road sector, there is a need for more protection against the rugged roads and unpaved paths that accompany this sometimes tumultuous terrain; enter ATV and UTV service contracts and priority maintenance packages. These contracts and packages are available so that people can get their new (or used) prized possessions protected so that a bump in the road is, well, just that.

Service contracts and priority maintenance packages may seem similar, but they differ in some key ways. A priority maintenance package is coverage that relies on regularly scheduled maintenance on a new or used motorcycle, off-road vehicle or personal watercraft. The dealer performs all of the manufacturer services specified in the owner’s manual based on mileage and time, which includes appropriate checks, balances and replacing of necessary or needed parts. Terms of a priority maintenance package can vary based on the offering purchased with some lasting 18 months all the way up to 36 months. This is a way for companies like McGraw Powersports and dealerships to work hand-in-hand to make sure those who are purchasing a powersport vehicle are getting the most complete coverage on their latest splurge.  

While these offerings vary from business to business, companies like McGraw Powersports are taking advantage of this industry influx by selling ATV and UTV contracts that include regularly scheduled maintenance for your customer’s new or used machine. At specified intervals, factory recommended services will be performed including oil change, valve adjustment, oil filter check and adjustment, air filter service and final drive service. Spark plugs, cables and throttle body will also undergo routine examinations. These types of maintenance agreements are valid at the selling dealership and at authorized dealers should your clients need a service while away from their home.

A service contract, on the other hand, grants an individual longer protection against mechanical breakdowns, including specified electrical components and electronics. It’s an extended warranty on your customer’s newly purchased mode of transportation. It is not based on mileage or maintenance but upon unit qualification at the time of purchase. Service contracts can often include towing services and transportation to and from the broken down vehicle as well. 

To sum it up, a priority maintenance package relies on regularly scheduled maintenance, whereas a service contract focuses on the replacements of major components in the event of mechanical failure. 

For more information on McGraw Powersports, service contracts, priority maintenance package or ATV/UTV coverage, contact Jason Duncan at [email protected] or 1-800-6-MCGRAW.

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