Electric Vehicles Make Surge in Powersports Market

As the movement towards going green continues to pick up speed, so do the vehicles you see on the road.

As the movement towards going green continues to pick up speed, so do the vehicles you see on the road. Gone are the days of envisioning electric vehicles as the 30-year-old golf cart in your grandparent’s garage. Say hello to battery-operated powersport vehicles that can rival any tanked-up transportation in look, longevity and torque.

With this latest rise in the energy efficient trend, companies have “plugged in” to the needs of their dealers and consumers by providing a new type of coverage that allows these anti-gas guzzlers to go, go, go.

Electric vehicle extended service contracts (ESC) are popping up in the market and businesses like McGraw Powersports are channeling their innovative mindsets to bring customers this new level of protection.

When talking to the team at McGraw Powersports, they discussed the importance of researching the latest technology to provide the most comprehensive coverage available to EV owners and their new vehicles. The extended service contract they offer will encompass all integral components and make sure these high voltage vehicles have the best level of protection on the market.

Often, with the addition of an ESC, customers will be covered from their tires to their transmission including batteries to the brakes. Other major items protected by an ESC include the motor, controllers, chargers, converters, inverters and cooling systems. This cutting-edge product is an industry first in EV-specific coverage and applies to new vehicles only.

Most contracts available from McGraw Powersports will provide three unique levels of coverage and will last for 12-48 months beyond warranty period.

For more information on McGraw Powersports and their electric vehicle options or to see if this product is available in your state, please contact Smitty Rensel at [email protected].

The service contract, not this communication, forms the contract between the insured and McGraw Powersports. The contract may contain limits, exclusions, and limitations that are not detailed in this communication. Coverages may differ by state.

McGraw Powersports
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