Geared to Go Where No Vehicle Has Gone Before

For those unfamiliar or with only a vague understanding of what an ARGO vehicle is, the company has trademarked XTV (Extreme Terrain Vehicle). An ARGO combines elements of an ATV and UTV to become something completely unique in the powersports world.

Printing All The News That Fits

“There are only a few professionals in powersports who crossover the many skills needed to work with these aggressively growing brands.”

Buyer Appetite Remained Solid in April

In the month of April, Average Wholesale Price (AWP) points remained stable. Some additional price strength appeared in Domestic Cruiser, Sport and Off-Road products over the prior three months, with more modest performance in Metric Cruisers and some decline in Dual Sport due to product mix.

Call It Progress

After spending close to 10 days last month in Asia visiting the Taiwan International Motorcycle Industry Show in Taipei and then HJC Helmets’ Vietnam factory in Hanoi, I am pretty tired. Not from the show or the factory tour, but from the nearly 60 hours of flying time to get there and back.

Counter Culture

People need what the parts department has, unlike simply wanting the other stuff in the showroom or accessory areas. The real action happens here because your motorcycle won’t run without the necessary parts.

The New Face Of Motorcycling?

If you have to ask what a Millennial is, you may not understand how much of your future business is going to be dramatically impacted by those currently between the ages of 16 and 30.

HJC Factory Tour

As one of the world’s top producers of helmets, HJC was gracious enough to host us at its manufacturing facility just outside of Hanoi, Vietnam on the last leg of our trip around the globe. Here’s what we learned.

AMS Ducati Dallas

Fresh off a recent trip to New Zealand where Jeff Nash was an invited guest speaker for his old Otago Motorcycle Club, he took our call to tell us all about his love of motorcycles and his dealership, AMS Ducati Dallas.

Retail Sales Momentum Continues

Our latest survey of powersports dealers indicates that the retail sales momentum dealers saw in February continued in March. We were very encouraged to hear that recreational product sales picked up during the month.

AIMExpo Not Slowing Down in Year Four

The industry made its voice heard when it rallied around AIMExpo, the show that wasn’t afraid to listen and make changes in the effort to lead a continually evolving motorcycle and powersports landscape.

Rick Fairless Day? You’re Kidding, Right?

Hey Ma, I have some pretty big news, our home town, the city of Irving, Texas, issued a proclamation declaring March 26, 2016 ­Rick Fairless Day! I was absolutely blown away at receiving such an honor!


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