Are Your Customers Showrooming?

Editor Colleen Brousil discusses why it’s important to engage your customers.

2012 Year-End Analysis of Powersports Dealers

This month, we’ll analyze the year-end data from our groups. As you can see from the last article, things were trending steadily upward. In this article, we’ll review the overall store data, as well as key department performance indicators.

National Park Service Enacts Two-Stroke PWC Ban On Three Major Lakes

Ten-Year-Old Legislation Goes Into Effect On Lakes Powell, Mead and Mohave

BMW of Denver

Colorado’s oldest and only exclusive BMW motorcycle dealership implements top-notch service as its business model.

Powersports Values Hold Steady

As Black Book completed the data analysis within the motorcycles and powersports products, we found the market remains largely unchanged once again this month. There is not a single segment that has changed in value by even one full percentage point.  Here are the individual segment changes: ATVs, jet boats and personal watercraft are all

UTV Market Overview

Call them UTVs, side-by-sides, ROVs or cash cows, the market for these machines has never been stronger.

Clutch Service Pointers

A motorcycle comes into the shop with complaints of a dragging or slipping clutch. Before jumping in and replacing the clutch plates, quickly check the clutch cable free play and any other clutch adjustment features on the particular model. Many new or non-technical riders end up riding around with clutches far out of adjustment. Not

Insurance and Ethanol: Best Practices from a Shop That’s Doing it Right

Over the course of the last several years, ethanol has become a real problem for motorcycles. It clogs carbs, ruins fuel lines and rusts gas tanks. Team Charlotte Motorsports in Charlotte, N.C., knows how to combat this issue.

The Reality of Social Media ROI

I’m going to level with you; there really isn’t some magic way to get the social media ROI you want (and think you need) as a dealer. Sure, all the data may be there in one form or another, but it can take one heck of a lot of merging and purging to attribute that

Building Resilience: Bounce Back from Inevitable Rejection- Part 2

Not to get all “California Woo-Woo” with you, but the following ideas could fall under a category of psychology called cognitive therapy.