Black Book’s November Powersports Market Analysis

As we completed the market study during October the powersports market is cooling down just like the weather in most parts of the country. Just about all of the segments we cover are declining this month, even a few of those which are normally showing a little positive strength at this time of year. Much

August Black Book Market Watch

Prices continued to fall throughout the month of August across most of the segments we cover in the motorcycle and powersports market. The amounts are not quite as large as last month though, due to the unusually steep declines in value we reported in July.

Some Non-Traditional Seasonal Movements

Some of the movements within the motorcycle and powersports market during May have varied from the more traditional seasonal changes. The powersports market heading into June is showing mixed levels of change. Six of the 10 segment categories we break the market into showed increases during the month of May.

Economy and Seasonality Play a Role

May finds activity in the Powersports market revving up this month. Prices are up across the board, and for the first time this year, by fairly large amounts for most of the segments we cover.

Powersports Market Creeps To Annual Slow Phase

Even though prices are down versus last month, the percentage of units being sold has gone up. Sellers appear to be letting go of these units for less money, rather than trying to hold on to them as we head into the winter months. This could be a good time to stock up on inventory for next spring if you have the cash and storage space.

Drops In Powersports Market In Line With Seasonal Trends

The only segment up this month is snowmobile, which is only increasing by an average of $11.46 per unit.

ATVs and Utilities Segments Up, Off-Roads Lead Decline

For September, prices in most segments we cover in the motorcycle and powersports market are down in a rather dramatic fashion.

Drops In the Powersports Market In Line With Seasonal Trends

The powersports market continues to see decreases in value, but they are less substantial and more in line with seasonal trends. As the year closes and cooler weather approaches, expect an increase for the snowmobile segment.

ATVs and Utilities Segments Up, Off-Road Lead Decline

Dramatic drop-offs in September across all motorcycle and powersports segments continue a several month long trend.

ATV And UTV Sales See Expected Seasonal Increases

As expected, the powersports market is currently undergoing a change in focus from selling street bikes and watercraft, which are warm weather units, to selling ATVs and utility vehicles as cooler fall weather approaches. Prices declined again during July, and the pace at which they are dropping for most segments has picked up compared to June.

Jet Boats Segment Surprises Market With Positive Increase

As cooler fall weather approaches, warm weather unit sales decline with the exception of jet boats.

V-Twins Buck Downward Trend In Used Unit Values

What has been happening within the motorcycle and powersports market during the past month? Prices in the powersports market have peaked for the year. The normal high point for motorcycle and powersports pricing usually occurs around July 4 — before that, prices generally rise. After that, they begin to decline as dealers sell off their