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ATV/UTV Market Segments: Why They Matter

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No matter what your source, no matter what industry profile you read, it’s no secret that the ATV/UTV market is hot. As with other industries during this unprecedented time, supply chain shortages have hampered production to a certain point, but most OEMs have done an exceptional job of making adjustments to work through it.

As the summer wanes and we head into fall, the market remains strong, with only continued growth expected for 2022. This being the fact, for many OEMs the ATV/UTV market currently ranks as one of the most important segments of their business. With this hot sales opportunity at hand, it’s more important than ever to cover all your bases. In the world of sales, when a perspective customer walks through the door, you want to be well-prepared for every possible outcome.

In the competitive ATV/UTV market, that means having products that reach across all segments. Dealers know ATV/UTV segments are plentiful, and between mid- and full-size, sport, electric, utility and youth models, there’s a lot of ground to cover, not to mention the many cross-segments of models that exist.

Inventory on your floor that spans across all ATV/UTV segments simply comes down to having the right products for your customers, so they quickly roll – not walk – out the door. Modern consumers are more informed than ever and it’s more likely than not that your new customers who just walked through the door have already done some research and have a pretty good idea of what they are looking for. They already have an idea if they want an ATV or UTV. They’ll know what they are going to use it for. They know how many people they want to carry. Almost certainly they’ll also have an idea of how powerful they want it to be and if they want 4wd or an audio system. You can bet they have a color in mind.

Everyone is different and many factors affect their buying decisions, but there’s always an influence that has them looking. Whether it’s racing, sport, work or play, there’s a reason they’re in the market – having the ability to match their influences and requirements to the product you have in stock is an almost sure-fire way to close the sale.

There’s always a range of products within any given line that is going to appeal to the masses, and it’s important to stock greater numbers of these, this being a growingly common business formula. But carrying a line with products that reach the outer ends of the spectrum means you’ll have the greatest chance of a sale.

Sure, you’re not going to stock as many of the less popular models, but the bottom line is there is a seat for every pair of pants (or handlebars for every pair of hands). If it’s made, there’s someone that wants it. ATV/UTV manufacturers know this and know the importance of offerings across all market segments. With a full product line, they cover all the bases to make it easier for you to put your customers in the seats – and sales in your books.

This article was sponsored by HISUN Motors. For more information, visit hisunmotors.com.

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