Apparel Pro: The Jeans You Should Be Wearing

Wearing just any old pair of jeans isn’t going to cut it when you go riding.

Sometimes, you just don’t want to wear leather pants when riding. Maybe it’s the heat. In that case, a breathable synthetic pair might be better. But if you plan to walk around town after a casual ride, you might want to wear something more stylish, so they might not fit the bill either. Then what about jeans? No one can deny the comfort of a good pair, but wearing your favorite, everyday brand isn’t going to cut it when sitting astride a motorcycle. If you want to ride in jeans, you’ve got to purchase motorcycle jeans specifically. With the right fit and flair, they can both amp up your style and keep you protected.

Motorcycle jeans are designed not only to stretch comfortably in a riding position, but also withstand the abrasion and impact forces that can occur in the event of a fall or accident. These jeans are constructed with reinforced stitching and use durable and abrasion-resistant materials, such as Kevlar or Cordura, which can significantly reduce the risk of road rash in case of a slide. In contrast, regular jeans will disintegrate as soon as they skid across the pavement.

In addition, motorcycle jeans come in two types: single-layer and dual-layer. Having that extra inner lining between your skin and the jeans can help prevent skin-shearing injuries, providing almost as much protection as a pair of leather pants.

Ladies Attitude Jeans
The Joe Rocket Ladies Attitude Jeans feature heavy-duty stretch denim and an aramid fiber-lined front and back reaching down past knee level.

Another key component to motorcycle jeans is the integration of CE-approved armor in critical areas, such as the hips and knees (and sometimes even the tailbone) to protect against impacts. In fact, the level of protection in the jean material itself will significantly change, depending on whether there’s armor underneath it or not. A tight fit with little loose material (such as when stretched over the armor) makes the denim last longer during abrasion. For this reason, it’s also important to buy jeans that properly fit your body and aren’t too baggy. You don’t want them flapping as you ride, or riding up in a crash.

Take, for instance, the Ladies Attitude Jeans from Joe Rocket. Not only do they come in a fashionable, high-rise bootcut style, but more importantly, they feature heavy-duty stretch denim, an aramid fiber-lined front and back reaching down past knee level, and CE level 2 armor in the knees and hips (with the knee armor having a two-stage adjustable height).

While offering superior protection, motorcycle jeans are also designed with rider comfort and mobility in mind. They are often tailored to provide a snug, but flexible fit, allowing riders to maintain better control of their bikes and enjoy a more comfortable riding experience. In contrast, regular jeans can be restrictive and less breathable, leading to chafing and discomfort on long rides. Luckily, motorcycle jeans are available in both men’s and women’s sizes, taking those differing body shapes into account. They also come in a wide range of styles and designs, so riders can look fashionable without compromising on safety. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, there’s a pair of motorcycle jeans that suits your taste.

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