TREVOR MOTORCYCLES Launches Electric Off-Road Flat Tracker in U.S.

TREVOR’s hand-built DTRe Stella stuns with a sharp, minimalist look and premium performance throughout.

TREVOR, a pioneer in premium electric motorcycles, announced that the off-road spec of its premium DTRe Stella motorcycle is now available to riders across the U.S. 

With a design inspired by flat track bikes and completely handmade in Belgium using only premium, high-performance parts, the DTRe Stella charts new territory. An everyday performance bike sustainable in both build and use, the DTRe Stella has zero active emissions, zero pollution and a near-silent ride. The smooth, electric power requires no shifting of gears, and the strategic positioning of the electric power source as well as the size and thickness of the tires make the DTRe Stella ideal for a wide range of riders from pros to those just getting started riding.

A design-first approach in terms of both technology and style, the bike offers a minimalist look that catches the eye, and quality throughout is ensured by the collaboration with the Belgian team of Sarolea Performance Technology, meticulous craftsmanship and the strict integration of premium OEM parts. 

The DTRe Stella is powered by an 11-kilowatt, air-cooled brushless DC 3-phase electric motor offering 11-kilowatt peak power/5-kilowatt-rated power, and the transmission is a direct chain drive single speed with a low friction, long lifespan AFAM chain. The 2.7 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery offers a range of 87 kilometer WMTC (54 miles) with a top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph). 

“It’s incredibly exciting to be launching the DTRe Stella in the U.S. market and to continuously hear the amazing responses from our customers who absolutely love the look, feel and performance of the bike,” said Jeroen-vincent Nagels, co-founder and technical director of TREVOR. “The market is flooded with EVs, but TREVOR comes in for those who are looking for a premium product that demonstrates a design-first approach. It immediately catches the eye with its clean lines, and then of course the performance blows you away. There’s nothing like it out there.” 

Each DTRe Stella comes with the built-in battery pack, 1-kilowatt-hour external charger and CDQS white body. Those wishing to customize their bikes can select a body in the color or print of their choice or level up with multiple bodies to swap as desired. 

The off-road only build of the DTRe Stella is available today at https://trevormotorcycles.com/products/dtre-stella-usa

MSRP: $11,975 

DTRe Stella Specs

  • Motor: 11-kilowatt air-cooler brushless DC 3-phase electric (11-kilowatt peak power/8-kilowatt rated power)
  • Transmission: Direct chain drive, single speed with AFAM chain
  • Battery: 2.7-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion
  • Range: 87-kilometer (54 miles) WMTC Rating
  • Charging system: AC external charger 1 kilowatt
  • Charge time: One hour 10 min with 3-kilowatt charger or two hours to 80% with 1-kilowatt charger
  • Top Speed: 56 mph/90 km/h
  • Torque: 47.5 newton meters at crank, 317 newton meters at the rear wheel
  • Brakes: Beringer calipers front and rear
  • Front suspension: Sarolea Performance Technology 43 preload adjusted
  • Rear suspension: Sarolea Performance Technology preload adjusted
  • Chassis: TREVOR Trellis chromoly frame and TREVOR CNC machined alloy swingarm
  • Handlebar: Aluminum Domino Racing
  • Weight: 183 pounds, flat track 
  • Wheels: 19-inch HAAN with excel spoked wheels
  • Tires: Mitas H-18 130/80-19 front and H-18 140/80-19 rear
  • Warranty: One year mechanical

More information and full specifications are available at https://trevormotorcycles.com.

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