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TechNiche International IonGear Battery Powered Deluxe Heating Vest


The IonGear Battery Powered Heating Vest has been extremely popular in cold weather climates where riders need an extra layer to stay warm. For 2009, the company has added the capability to power the vest’s heating system directly from a bike’s battery with the 12-volt battery converter kit.

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Sure Sellers:

• Made from a durable soft-shell barrier fleece, the outside of the vest is slick and weather-resistant, while the inside is plush and soft to keep the heat close to the body’s core

• Li-Ion battery system that can easily be recharged, or riders can opt for the converter kit

• Both battery systems have five temperature settings and fit snugly into an inner pocket

Retail Price: Vest $204.99; Converter $39.99

For More Info:

TechNiche International

1948 Kellogg Ave.

Carlsbad, CA 92008

(888) 823-2665


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