Timbersled 2022 Snow Bike System Lineup Takes Riders to the Backcountry

Polaris Timbersled is back for 2022 with an exciting new lineup of Timbersled models, choices of new trim packages and options and industry-leading accessory options to take riders anywhere they want to go.

Camso to Showcase Newest Track, Track System Innovations at Hay Days

Camso will be showcasing its 2019 snowmobile track lineup along with its latest offering for snowbikers, with the 2019 Camso DTS 129 and YETI SnowMX models.

Camso Launches Snowrush Program for Early Access to 2019 Snow Bike Conversion

Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, has launched its Snowrush Program for the newest model of the company’s dirt-to-snow bike conversion system. The program will allow customers and dealers early access to the 2019 Camso DTS 129, plus extras to further the experience.

Timbersled Releases First Snow Bike Engine Oil

Timbersled has released a new 4-stroke engine oil aimed specifically at the snow bike market.

Camso’s 2018 DTS 129 Snow-Bike Conversion

Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, is launching its 2018 dirt-to-snow bike conversion system, the Camso DTS 129, for the coming winter riding season.

Camso Expands Manufacturing to Launch New Dirt-to-Snow Bike

Camso has completed expansion of its Shawinigan, Québec manufacturing facility to support the demand of its new Camso DTS 129 product line. Camso has grown its Shawinigan facility footprint by 25% and its manufacturing capacity by 50%.

Camso Sponsors AMA Championship Snow Bike Series

Camso has become a supporting sponsor of the AMA Championship Snow Bike Series. The AMA Championship Snow Bike Series is a official winter sport race, managed by Big Nasty Hillclimb, LLC.

American Motorcyclist Association Sanctions Snow Bike Racing

This winter, the American Motorcyclist Association will begin sanctioning the relatively new sport of snow bike racing, which features competition off-road motorcycles modified for snowy terrain.

Giant Loop Snow Bike and Snowmobile Gear Line

Adventure proof packing and gear systems innovator, Giant Loop, continues to expand its powersports offerings with the most comprehensive made-in-USA snow bike and snowmobile gear line available for winter 2016-2017.

Giant Loop Timbersled and Snow Bike Products

For winter 2015-2016, Giant Loop is turning its focus on the unique requirements of Timbersleds and other snow bike riders, with the market segment’s most comprehensive collection of fender-to-tunnel solutions.