Who’s The Boss?

The difference between a boss and leader [dropcap]I[/dropcap] was recently called “boss” and I didn’t really care for it. It wasn’t the first time I have been called that, but it always feels weird hearing it. This time, it felt like lemon juice on a paper cut… maybe it was the tone or maybe the

The Pros & Cons of Micromanaging

Ummm Yeah, If You Could Just Go Ahead And Make Sure You Do This From Now On, That Would Be Great! Micromanaging, we all know the term! The word itself has a bad connotation and all employees usually cringe when hearing it. Remember the poster child for micromanagers Bill Lumbergh, (“Ummm  yeah, that would be

Remember The Golden Rule

Simple Steps To Becoming A Star Employee Remember the Golden Rule? “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” It seems like many of us may need a reminder on the law of reciprocity. I have managed employees for more than 20 years and I had been an employee for just as many.

Going To Hell In A Handbasket

Can Dealers Cope With Election Day Armageddon? [dropcap]D[/dropcap]oomsday! If you believe the preppers and the political pundits, Election Day will bring the entire nation to its knees. The government, big corporations and corruption will financially do us in! The massive influx of illegal immigrants and ISIS infiltrators will destroy what’s left… Really, people? Hasn’t all

The Rules of Engagement

It’s all about your attitude [dropcap]I[/dropcap] recently attended a Dale Carnegie course that was really interesting. The subject of the class was the manager-employee relationship and the eye-opening thing was that attitude really is everything! Well, almost everything. The premise of Carnegie’s “The Bottom Line For Engagement” is that attitude must be combined with engagement.

On The Clock!

On May 18, 2016, the Obama administration and the Department of Labor announced new regulations that will increase the salary threshold for OT pay.

Reading Between the Lines

Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle since the age of 3 doesn’t necessarily qualify you to work in the industry, just as changing your own oil doesn’t make you a mechanic. If you are a dreamer looking to get a foot in the door, or an experienced industry pro looking to step up, you need to be able to read between the lines with some of these job postings.


Even if you’re working in your dream job, there’s still a case to be made for keeping your eyes peeled for exciting new prospects. Opportunity is knocking so why should you miss out on an opportunity?

Employee Turnover

Death & Taxes Are Not The Only Certainties In The Motorcycle Industry! They say death and taxes are the only certainties, but “they” never worked in the motorcycle industry! The biggest certainty in our industry is employee turnover. You may know how many employees you lose each year, but do you know what it really costs

Selling The Job

Sell what the job and company have to offer. Let potential employees know about the opportunity, creativity, flexibility, great pay, a cool office, terrific benefits, working for the world’s greatest boss, etc. that await them. Don’t scribble a list on a napkin just before the deadline, either.

Don’t Wing It: Q&A Tips and Techniques for Interviewing

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]espite what some HR professionals would have you believe, there is not one correct method of interviewing potential job candidates. Everyone has their own methods that work for them, especially in the powersports industry! I’m a big fan of taking bits and pieces of different styles of interviewing and making them your own. I remember

Don’t Get Trumped!

Before he was a presidential candidate, Donald Trump would routinely let people go on TV with his trademarked, “You’re Fired” send off. However, it is not quite as funny when it is a long-time employee in a dealership rather than some celebrity apprentice. The unpleasant reality of running a business is that sometimes people must be fired.