Rizoma’s Design Values

How Rizoma plans to infiltrate the U.S. and Harley (V-Twin) market [dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was 2001 when Fabrizio and his brother Fabio first had an idea to start a motorcycle parts company. That idea sprouted from a conversation with a motorcycle rider who was looking for a mirror for his motorcycle. Fabrizio Rigolio, who has a background

Lightech Aftermarket Accessories for Yamaha R1 2015.

Leading Italian manufacturer Lightech has recently announced a full line up of aftermarket accessories for the new Yamaha R1 2015 model. In line with its usual ultra-high quality product standards these products have been designed to both compliment and extend the performance of this new bike model.

Rizoma Accessories for Yamaha FJ-09 Tracer

Yamaha’s FJ-09 Tracer offers versatility, performance and comfort. Rizoma could not help spotting these features and has come up with a complete accessory line for the FJ-09’s sister, as well.