Apparel Pro: Stay Tactical With Textile Pants

Riding means taking safety into account.

One of the major aspects of motorcycling that differs from driving a typical automobile is the extra amount of planning needed for a successful ride. No matter the distance, even if it’s a five-minute drive, motorcyclists need to consider a number of factors, including weather, traffic and what to wear. As such, it’s important for motorcyclists to stay tactical and alert on the road.

But what does it mean to be “tactical?” It can mean a lot of things, but in this case, it connotes being prepared for any outcome that could happen at any time. After being prepared and keeping alert on the road, special tactical gear is the next thing you can do to step up your game.

The riding jacket is usually what gets the most attention from riders, but pants are equally important. In cases of lost traction where a slow fall is imminent at high speeds, you may find yourself sliding down the road sitting upright on your legs or behind.

Many opt to wear riding jeans or leather pants for the style, but you may have to pay a pretty penny for a pair that gives you good support and won’t tear with friction. Textile pants are often cheaper and have a variety of safety features that will keep riders at ease and confident.

Heavy duty outer shells are almost always present, and Kevlar protection runs through these pants like many higher-end jeans. Some may even offer concealed carry weapon (CCW) cargo pockets for riders concerned with self-defense.

Joe Rocket’s Tactical Pants provide armor and extra pockets that can function for concealed carrying.

One of the major perks of textile pants is that they often are more customizable than traditional riding jeans. They can be bought in a variety of different colors and styles and offer more areas for extra armor protection and placement. Some pants, like these Joe Rocket tactical pants, offer a two-stage adjustable knee armor height for different sized riders.

The tactical pants also have pockets for optional hip armor, proper ventilation on the front thighs to keep riders cool, and reflective logos and stripes to improve visibility.

Of course, with synthetic materials, you want to be sure the pants won’t melt or burn through the lower parts of the leg that sit next to the motorcycle engine, so be sure to look for that added protection as well.

It’s up to the rider to determine which material to wear, as both jean and textile pants have their benefits. Jeans or leather may be better suited for experienced riders and cruisers who ride a consistent speed. Textile pants may be a better choice for new riders, racers and off-roaders who need that extra protection and customization.

Either way, textile pants allow riders to be slightly more tactical in their safety preparations.

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