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H-D Air-Oil Separator/Catch-Can System


From the factory, Harley’s breather system vents excess crankcase vapors, un-burnt fuel, residual oil and moisture back into the intake which compromises performance and durability.

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The Moroso air-oil separator/catch can system plumbs inline of the breather system and filters the excess crankcase vapors, exhaust vapors, residual oil and moisture before it re-enters the engine, reducing detonation, knock and helps rid deposits in the intake tract including valves and pistons.

The two-piece body of the air-oil separator/catch can system unscrews for easy cleaning and service. The Moroso air-oil separator/catch can system does not vent to the atmosphere like other breather kits on the market, this keeps oil in the canister, off your bike, and more importantly off the ground!

Available in multiple finish options to suit the bike. All kits come with the hardware and hose. Fits Milwaukee 8 touring models and Twin-Cam applications. Proudly Made In the U.S.A.


Link: Moroso

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