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Custom 2022 Polaris RMK Khaos Matryx Slash Snowmobile

Like many athletes, regardless of the sport, experience typically comes at a young age. Cedrik Moreau is no different – he started snowmobiling early on – and today he’s a Polaris Ambassador located in Quebec, Canada.

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Cedrik Moreeau is a Polaris Ambassador and snowmobile athlete.

Cedrik’s favorite place to ride is Monts-Valins, Quebec, where he takes his Polaris snowmobiles out and makes frequent visits to Centre du Sport Lac-St-Jean, a powersports dealer for off-road vehicles and snowmobiles, when he’s in need of new gear.

The feeling of freedom that comes from exploring the backcountry on a snowmobile is the reason Moreau’s addiction to snowmobiling took hold. He especially enjoys the moments when he’s the first to lay fresh track into untouched ground. His passion for the sport has only grown as he’s continued to ride, and he describes his riding style as more technical – tree riding, re-entry, jumps, drops. He loves to use his creativity in making lines and finding new areas to ride and is always trying to push further and go where no one has been.

2022 Polaris RMK Khaos Matryx Slash

Cedrik says he needs a snowmobile that is light, nimble and gets on top of the snow as quickly as possible. As a Polaris Ambassador, Cedrik gets to try out the latest and greatest snowmobiles, and he most recently got a 2022 Polaris RMK Khaos Matryx Slash. He’s been out sledding a number of times this year already and is getting to know the vehicle well.

Of course, Cedrik’s Khaos Matryx Slash isn’t completely stock. He’s added some goodies to make the snowmobile an even better shredder. According to Cedrik, his 2022 model features a few upgrades from BackwoodsBMP such as Highmark spindles, a Matryx Slash rear bumper, a front bumper, and rail braces.

Moreau also upgraded to a set of Trenchers custom raw A-arms, Slydog Attack skis, a Composit M66-3R 154×3.5″ pitch track, an RSI Hustler bronze handlebar, a DuraPro Magnetic Tether, an MBRP trail exhaust, A911 9” wheels, and Avid-Products 3.5” drivers.

After chopping the tunnel and the rails in order to run 9” wheels with the 155 3.5” pitch track, it allowed for no rubbing with plenty of adjustment left.

And, since he upgraded aspects of the snowmobile to offer better performance, Cedrik also chose to improve the aesthetics of the snowmobile courtesy of a Seco custom seat cover and an E-Sticky Graphics anodized matte wrap.

As Moreau becomes more and more involved in the sport, he’s taking his passion for snowmobiling more seriously by working with companies and sharing his adventures with the rest of the world. Check out this Polaris Ambassador on Instagram.

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