Shop Talk: 15 Minutes A Day

Stress can lead to poor performance and even health issues. What would it be like to take total control of time? It only takes 15 minutes a day.

Apparel Pro: Safety Labels

While required on the racetrack in the United States, CE ratings still influence buyers based on the advanced testing standards for apparel.

Product Review: Joe Rocket GPX 2.0 Gloves

These gloves offer protection, style and comfort for your customers and won’t break the budget.

Tech Tips: Coolant Replacement & Bleeding

The fresher the coolant, the less corrosion will build up in the system, and the more efficiently the cooling system will function.

A Cigarette Behind the Ear Equals No Job, Idiot!

As I write this letter, I am getting ready for Sturgis 2020. Bigun (Lena) and I leave on Friday, Aug. 7. This will be my 34th Sturgis Rally in a row.

Navigating Inventory, Processes & The Customer Experience Post COVID-19

Following Colorado state protocols regarding the coronavirus and adapting their business plan to meet customer demand, G-Force Powersports never slowed down.

Performance Machine at 50

Quality has always been a PM hallmark. The PM focus was to excel, to be innovative, to be the best. When CNC processes were still state-of-the-art, Perry knew it was the way to go.

Tech Tips: Drum Brakes

With the addition of systems such as fuel injection, ABS, fancy diagnostics and so on, there are still some things that have not changed, like drum brakes.

How Much ‘Gubment’ Cheese Is Too Much?

The COVID-19 virus continues to paralyze our world. The numbers are reaching record highs and hospitals are busting at the seams. The state of Texas has closed all bars in the state, mine included.

Apparel Pro: Full-Face Helmets

No mask? No problem. In the era of COVID-19, motorsports activities have emerged as a popular way for people to finally escape their homes but still remain socially distant.

Product Review: Joe Rocket Velocity 3.0 Glove

While I’ve only worn my Velocity 3.0 Gloves from Joe Rocket a few times, I already love them. I could tell the minute I put them on that I would like them.

Shop Talk: The 98% Solution

There are cycles in everything. Weather, economies, business and even health. But it’s what you do during these cycles that can help keep your dealership performing at a very high level.