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Product Review: Joe Rocket Velocity 3.0 Glove

In the Middle Ages, soldiers, mainly knights, wore gauntlet gloves made of metal armor to protect their hands during a fight, typically hand-to-hand combat. Gauntlet gloves disappeared after the invention of firearms, but the idea of armored protection stuck around and is curiously present in some of today’s motorcycle gloves. As riders, we combat traffic and stupid drivers all the time. I always feel more protected from the dangers with a good pair of gloves to go with the rest of my gear. 

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I own many pairs of gloves for almost every type of work or sport. I have a baseball glove, golf glove, winter gloves, ski gloves, work gloves, mechanic’s gloves, racing gloves and karting gloves, as well as several pairs of motorcycle gloves for nearly every segment, from motocross to sport touring. The fact is, I love gloves. 

Most of my motorcycle jackets have a pair of riding gloves in the pockets, so I don’t forget them. I have some stuffed under the seat on my scooter. To me, riding is not the same if I don’t have the gear. It’s like driving without a seatbelt. It feels okay for a little while, but then I wonder if I should go back and get my gloves and helmet. 


While I’ve only worn my Velocity 3.0 Gloves from Joe Rocket a few times, I already love them. I could tell the minute I put them on that I would like them. As a rider and an avid glove wearer, you know these things. The fit is good, and the comfort is better than some of my other gloves. I know this isn’t the most expensive glove I own, but that makes me like them even more. I know that I’ll wear these gloves a lot. They have just the right amount of Thermal Plastic Reinforcement (TPR) padding on the back of the hand around the knuckles and fingers that I don’t feel restricted movement. And the Velcro closure is easy to grab with the other gloved hand to open or close. The fingers are the right length for my short, fat fingers with maybe a little extra room that doesn’t make them feel loose or too crowded. The palm is padded with Chamude, which is a microfiber that mimics leather or suede. 


It’s a very simple glove that looks and feels good. When you get a customer who is not sure what they want, let them try on a pair of the Velocity 3.0 and see if they don’t buy them!

Link: Joe Rocket

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