Side-by-Side Stupidity: Are More Rules Required, Or Just More Responsibility Training?

The CPSC doesn’t, apparently, know how many injuries there have been on SxSs, nor does it know if there is even a reason to impose more safety requirements on these machines, but it is certain there must be a problem. Oh, and the CPSC doesn’t know how effective any safety regulations it might implement would be.

Building Community At Your Dealership

Building community is not a new concept for motorcycle dealers, yet very often it is overlooked as a way of increasing sales. While “community” itself is an intangible concept, for many successful dealerships it’s part and parcel of generating happy customers as well as a solid sales base.

Tech Tips: Repairing and Servicing Fuji 400, 450, 500 and 550cc Engines

Many of the engines that power Polaris ATVs are liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, SOHC 4-stroke units manufactured by Fuji. The 400, 450 and 500cc engines are nearly identical outside of bore and stroke. The newer 550 engine is updated, but some of these tips still apply. The 570 engine has a DOHC head and is unrelated for