Cancer Survivor Jerry White Takes Delivery of Cooper Abbott’s Race Bike

White is a survivor of CML leukemia who has also struggled with great family loss.

A heartfelt collaboration unfolded as Cooper Abbott, in partnership with The Fox Auto Team, Sherco USA, and the Steve and Nancy Fox Cancer Center, joined forces to present a touching gift to Jerry White, a survivor of CML leukemia. Abbot had generously decided to donate his 2023 Sherco SEF 300 EnduroCross race bike to an individual or family whose passion for riding had been put on hold due to a cancer diagnosis.

After meticulously reviewing numerous submissions, the team found one narrative that stood out among the rest. White’s story resonated deeply with everyone involved. In a touching moment, Abbott personally delivered the news to White, informing him that his story had been chosen for this meaningful gift.

“I saw an Arizona number pop up on my phone and wondered who this could be,” commented White. “To my surprise, it was Cooper Abbott himself telling me I had been selected to get his EnduroCross race bike. I was utterly in shock when I heard that news, and I got a bit emotional. I have been through so much as it relates to cancer with my mom and myself personally. It really threw a curveball in my life. I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Fox, Sherco USA, and Cooper and his family who know exactly what I had to endure for this moment. I am looking forward to racing some cross country with my son in the next few weeks. This Sherco is simply amazing.”

Jerry White, Cooper Abbot's bike
Jerry White taking delivery of Cooper Abbot’s race bike

Below is White’s submission letter:


My name is Jerry White. I’m a father of 3. My son and I both race xc. My plan was to have my son start racing earlier then 2023 but life throws us curve balls sometimes. Back in 2011 I got a phone call on April 1st just as I was walking into work and it was my younger brother. He was down and out and later that evening I get a text from him and so I called my mother to have her check on him. It was 2 late. He had committed suicide already with my mom and stepdad with all 3 of my children upstairs.

Fast forward a few years to feb 2014 and my mother calls me and tells me she is sick. She went in for her first chemo treatment that week and passed away the following week.

Fast forward to June of 2014 and I get a call saying to go straight to the doctor. They ran a bunch of tests and kept me overnight. Everything kept coming up negative. So they pulled bone marrow the following day. A couple weeks later they told me had CML leukemia. The first medication was rough and I had missed close to 6 months of work. I had to sell our bikes and my son was only 5 and didn’t quite understand why I had to sell his new bike that he didn’t even get to ride yet. It’s been a roller coaster with insurance but I finally started doing better and was back on my feet in 2020 so we got some pit bikes and started easing back into it. This year was my sons first full year of racing xc on a supermini and he ended up 4th in class at the end of the season. All I know is you just gotta keep moving no matter what because tomorrow is promised to you and when your down you got nowhere to go but up. So I just try to stay positive and keep pushing forward.


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