Q&A with Stan Lee

Joel Martin caught up with Stan Lee, the former head of Marvel Comics, at MegaCon in Orlando on the eve of Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie opening to talk about the inspiration behind Cap’s choice of vehicle. Joel: Was there a particular story or inspiration in your life for the choice of a motorcycle

The New Market Reality: Scooter Sales

The worldwide scooter market is recovering from the devastating effects of 2009. Many factories in China have been absorbed, closed or forced to merge due to losses. 2010 marks the start of a new market reality, and stores need to do their homework to thrive. If 2009 showed us anything, it was that the age

Taiwanese Titan

Kymco Continues to Grow Worldwide Depsite the Sagging Economy

Golden Ticket

TGB Offers Scooters With Promise

Buggies Light Fire to the Off-Road Market

Unlike the scooter industry, which I often write about, there is a lack of information on buggies. There is no DOT, consumer safety board or even a consumer reports magazine testing these units in the United States. It’s caveat emptor for the dealers when they are doing research on a particular brand they wish to carry.