Important Maintenance Checks for Motorcycle Storage

From the fuel and lube to the battery and tires, learn how you can keep your bike from corroding during the cold season.

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Motorcycle and Powersport Lubricant Technology

When an oil is engineered for any application, it all starts with a base oil. The base oil is then blended with additives for a specific use and the formulated oil is packaged and distributed for sale to consumers.

PWC Service Contracts

Since many first-time buyers are not familiar with the costs associated with PWC ownership, offering a vehicle service contract can play a big part in the sale. EFG Companies has been offering VSCs for over 40 years.

Apparel Pro: Surviving the Slide

All The Gear All The Time is a lesson that no one should ever forget.

REVIEW: Joe Rocket Mens Crossfire Jacket

Performance, safety and style in a waterproof jacket.

VIDEO: Helmet Technology

Evolving technology in helmets is continuing to take safety to a new level, and the primary contributor is the science of protecting the brain against rotational acceleration in an impact.

Powerhouse Motorsports

Sweeten has been in and around the powersports industry for over 50 years, owning Ski-Doo and Arctic Cat dealerships prior to opening Powerhouse Motorsports.

VIDEO: Helmet Fitting

Getting your customer in the right helmet is a blend of what they want, what they need and most importantly, what fits them correctly.

VIDEO: Tire Construction & Compounds

Managing Editor Eric Garbe discusses how a tire is constructed and the different compounds that are used in the tire-making process to help it get from the manufacturer to a dealership.

VIDEO: Tire Ply Ratings

If we’re thinking about what actually supports the load of any vehicle, it’s the air pressure in the tire doing the job, and simply put, heavier loads require higher pressures, which require a stronger tire that can handle that pressure.

VIDEO: Bias vs. Radial Tires

Every tire buying decision is based on a lot of factors, and demonstrating this knowledge to your customer will give them confidence in your recommendation.

VIDEO: Identify Tires by Customer Interest

It is important to identify your customers’ interest, riding style and terrain they anticipate riding on before you recommend a set of tires to them.