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When purchasing apparel, there are aspects of the garment that add just as much value to your wardrobe as they would to a vehicle.

Thinking about accessories for a motorcycle, products like mounts, luggage and audio systems first come to mind. Those add-ons add value to the overall vehicle and help you enjoy the ride. When purchasing apparel, there are aspects of the garment that add just as much value to your wardrobe as they would to a vehicle.

Protection from the Elements

For any season’s apparel, protecting the wearer from the elements is a priority. In the winter, jackets with gaiters and powder skirts lead to best-selling products in a dealership. Skirts are elastic bands set at the waist of the jacket that are typically secured with a snap closure to prevent snow from entering the jacket. To the same effect, gaiters are composed of elastic material that is in the wrists of jackets to protect the arms from snow entry into the garment. Both of these features of jackets elevate the ability for the jacket to serve its purpose to ultimately keep the rider warm and comfortable.

Particularly in the spring, fall and winter seasons, waterproofing and water resistance leads the charge. Nothing is worse than being caught in an unexpected storm and pairing strong wind and soggy clothes. And when the rider is uncomfortable, they are distracted on the roadway and it can lead to a dangerous situation. To optimize comfort, look for waterproofing ratings on jackets, with weatherproof shells optimized for performance.


Probably the most under-appreciated aspect of apparel is the addition of pockets. They are the accessory that secures our accessories, so our cell phone isn’t launching out onto the roadway when we make a sharp turn. Placed in non-distractible areas like on the chest, lower sleeve and at the waist, when the jacket is secured on the rider, the pockets also lay interior inventory flat against the body, so they aren’t becoming a distraction on the road.

Most often located in newer jackets for the winter, hand warmer pockets along with goggle cleaning cloths, which are tethered to the chest pocket, are a great addition to attract riders to make a jacket purchase.

High Visibility

While black is the most common color of jacket and apparel for powersports riders, garment companies have optimized on-road and on-trail visibility with reflective piping along the seams. In broad daylight, there is very little color variant that will differentiate the reflective piping from the overall color of the garment, but at night, it is a vital addition for riders to keep them safe. Keeping color options available for customers is also an added benefit for the individual who would rather wear a hi-viz yellow jacket to be seen at all times as opposed to an all black jacket.

Having options leads to sales, and when it comes to stocking apparel, be on the lookout for cutting edge accessories to seal the deal with the customer.

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