2024 EVO Trials Models

A new frame treatment in raw aluminum with fresh plastic and graphics makes the 2024 model one of the most stunning EVOs to date.

Beta engineers have been working hard over the last few years developing and improving the performance and rideability of the entire EVO trials range of motorcycles. The introduction of the 2024 models ensures this tradition continues. Beta Italy Factory rider Matteo Grattarola proved this to be the case by returning to the team and providing podium finishes straight away. The tried-and-tested technical package, provided by the manufacturer from Florence, Italy, to its riders and all enthusiasts of the brand, which has seen advances over time thanks to feedback from Factory Riders, has confirmed itself to be a winner and is returning to the market with the addition of a new electronic key system (EVO 80 Models excluded).

A new frame treatment in raw aluminum with fresh plastic and graphics makes the 2024 model one of the most stunning EVOs to date. To match the raw frame, soft-black bodywork has updated the overall look along with the black wheels that set the EVO apart from the others. The hydro-formed aluminum frame also has a built-in fuel cell, which provides the tightest turning radius in the trials marketplace. 

Beta is the only manufacturer that offers a complete trial range of trial motorcycles. A total of 15 models ranging from youth electric-powered units all the way up to our EVO 300 Factory Edition shows that Beta is fully committed to the sport.  

The main new feature for 2024 involves the introduction of the “Electronic Key,” which plays a dual role, combining the safety of a kill switch with a tether attached to the rider but also acts as an anti-theft device that is coded to each full-size EVO to deter theft. This new Electronic Key is a patent product and exclusive to the Beta brand.

New Feature

Electronic Key

This new electronic device holds an exclusive European patent awarded to Betamotor (EP3064405B1) and provides an anti-theft function as well as protecting the bike and its rider. The electronic key is a two-part component: One part remains fastened to the bike’s handlebars, while the other is magnetic (worn by the rider with a cord around his or her wrist), activating a mechanism in the event it is disconnected. The device, which was recently introduced for the first time on a Beta model with the 2024 Xtrainer, fulfills the function of a kill-switch for the safety of both bike and rider, shutting off the bike when the magnetic contact point connected to the rider’s wrist and the handlebar is disconnected. Unlike a normal kill-switch, however, the new electronic key also incorporates an anti-theft function, preventing the bike from being started when disconnected, thanks to coding that uniquely links the bike to the key, protecting against theft of the motorcycle when it is left unattended. Greater protection for the bike and rider, in a single solution exclusively patented by Betamotor, comes for the first time as standard equipment.


Tank Cover

The tank cover is designed to flow with the frame while allowing all the cable routing to be covered for a clean and more orderly look. This form also effectively incorporates the mapping switch. The EVO offers a choice of two different engine maps that the rider can select with a convenient button on the tank cover. This location makes the button easy to reach while avoiding being accidentally pushed while riding. Also, an LED indicator lets the rider immediately identify which map is currently in use.

Radiator Grill

While optimizing the airflow directed to the radiator, it also boasts a greater protective surface in the cap and radiator body area to prevent these components from sustaining damage when in contact with branches and rocks or in the case of a fall.


The EVO update is worth noting for its striking combination of aesthetics and functionality. The bike’s graphics and bare aluminum swingarm lend it a refined and natural look that evokes the racing world. Additionally, the EVO boasts a unique hydro-formed aluminum frame. Despite the fact that the filter box is once again black, it operates just as effectively as before, and the TwinAir foam filter remains unchanged. Additionally, the lower fork sliders now come in Beta red, further enhancing the bike’s overall appearance.

Domino Grips

Achieving maximum freedom of movement on the bike also means having stable and comfortable handholds on the vehicle. The new Beta-customized Domino grips ensure comfort and grip. Black levers emphasize the refined look.

Shock Settings

The EVO shock comes complete with all the adjustments a rider needs to tailor the bike and identify the ideal setup, but in order to enhance the rideability, Beta technicians — with the help of the factory team riders — have harnessed their experience to implement a series of setting updates to boost the progressiveness, responsiveness and damping. As for the fork, the settings and quantity of oil contained in the two stanchions have been revised in order to boost the progressive response during the most extreme drops. With the left and righthand stanchions differing both functionally and in internal volume, the lefthand side features adjustable spring length, for setting ride height, while the hydraulic functions of the fork are settable on the right-hand stanchion, for customizing the damping behavior and responsiveness of the front end. By using different oil volumes calibrated specifically for the left- and righthand stanchions, both the progressiveness of the fork and the precision with which feel is transmitted to the rider have been improved. As for the shock, and in order to improve the bike’s traction, Beta has worked on the setting, boosting reactivity during the rebound phase. This allows EVO to offer the rider a greater sense of lightness, particularly when “hopping” to reposition between obstacles.

EVO 250/300 2-Stroke Features

  • Cylinder: The port timing has been designed to improve the torque at low engine speeds, while the overall weight is reduced.
  • Cylinder head: The combustion chamber improves delivery at low speeds, making it more progressive and tractable while retaining the same engine performance at mid-high speeds.
  • Engine map: The engine mapping is set up to provide optimal power and tractability.
  • Exhaust pipe: A pipe protector prevents the rider’s leg from burning while also protecting the pipe from impacts. As well as being functional, this rounds out the bike’s overall look.

EVO 80 Jr. and Sr.

Each EVO 80 model is based on the same frame and engine package with the difference being in the wheels, brakes and suspension to provide the right performance and height. Powered by a liquid-cooled two-stroke engine with a six-speed transmission, the EVO 80 will provide years of dependable service for your young inspiring trial rider. They are also an excellent training tool for young off-road and motocross riders by teaching the art of balance and control. 

Production of these models is rather limited, so reach out to your local Beta dealer to secure one today. 


  • Engine: Proven and tested 80cc two-stroke engine with a six-speed transmission and hydraulic clutch for an easy clutch lever pull.
  • Chassis: Steel parameter-style frame, very narrow in design for ease of movement while negotiating the trail or sections. Both models weigh less than 150 pounds.  
  • Suspension: Hydraulic front fork and rear shock with spring rates set for the smaller riders. 
  • Brakes: Both EVO 80 Jr. and Sr. models have hydraulic disc brakes that provide excellent stopping power in wet or dry conditions. 


  • EVO 125: $7,799
  • EVO 200: $7,999
  • EVO 250: $8,399
  • EVO 300: $8,699
  • EVO 300 SS: $8,699
  • EVO 300 4-Stroke: $8,899
  • EVO 80 Jr: $4,599
  • EVO 80 Sr: $4,999
    plus a $439 destination fee ($349 for EVO 80 Jr. and Sr.)
  • Not included are professional dealer setup, taxes, license or other required fees.

Available in November

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