VP Racing Fuel Fix-It-Fuel

Fix-It-Fuel is a fuel system treatment that cleans and rejuvenates poor running and non-running small engines damaged by ethanol-blended pump gas. It’s designed for any 2- and 4-cycle application.

With spring-time approaching and mowers, blowers, string trimmers, motorcycles and ATVs being pulled from garages across the land, you can almost hear the collective groans of people who discover their equipment won’t start. The likely culprit? Ethanol in pump gas which, when left in the tank through the off-season, attracts moisture, forms deposits, clogs and collapses fuel lines, often rendering equipment inoperable. Worse, such fuel-related problems aren’t covered by manufacturers’ warranties.

For the many frustrated consumers faced with paying hundreds of dollars for repairs or simply throwing their equipment away, salvation is at hand with Fix-It-Fuel, a new product manufactured by VP Racing Fuels. Fix-It-Fuel is a fuel system treatment that cleans and rejuvenates poor running and non-running small engines damaged by ethanol-blended pump gas. It’s designed for any 2- and 4-cycle application including lawnmowers, string trimmers, chainsaws, motorcycles, ATVs, generators and more.

Fortified with Mechanic In A Bottle, Fix-It Fuel is an ETHANOL-FREE gas + oil blend that cleans and repairs the fuel system without having to remove the carburetor or injectors. It works in five easy steps – Purge, Pour, Prime, Penetrate and Pull. That is, purge the engine of old fuel, pour in Fix-It-Fuel, turn the engine over to prime it, let it sit awhile to penetrate, then pull to start it up.

Fix-It-Fuel can bring your outdoor power equipment back to life, avoiding costly repairs, downtime and the aggravation that comes with it. It’s packaged in convenient quart-size containers and available at AutoZone, Home Depot and Walmart among other retail locations.

But wouldn’t it be better to prevent these fuel system problems in the first place? You bet. VP Racing Fuels recommends using ETHANOL-FREE VP Small Engine Fuel in outdoor power equipment on an ongoing basis. It prevents ethanol-related problems, makes equipment easier to start and helps it run more efficiently.

In addition to an ethanol-free gasoline blend for 4-cycles, VP Small Engine Fuels include pre-mixed gas + oil blends for 2-cycle engines, meaning no measuring or mixing is required. VP Small Engine Fuels are conveniently packaged in quart,1-gallon and 5-gallon containers and each blend will remain stable up to two years in the equipment and five years in the container.

The outdoor power equipment industry has identified ethanol-blended pump gas as the number one problem currently confronting the industry, with VP Small Engine Fuel recognized by many as the most complete and cost effective solution to prevent ethanol-related problems.

For more information: VPRacingFuels.com/small-engine-fuels

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