Touratech USA Introduces Product Range for the BMW R 1300 GS 

Products that improve ergonomics, protect the motorcycle and carry gear.

The BMW R 1300 GS has a more powerful motor and upgraded electronics, all in a package that weighs 26 pounds less than its predecessor, making this legendary adventure bike even better. By using a shorter stroke, bigger bore and increased liquid cooling, the engineers at BMW added power right where you want it.  

“As a long-term supplier to BMW Motorrad, Touratech has a very close relationship which allows us to design better products and get them to customers faster than other companies,” said Paul Guillien, CEO, Touratech-USA.

The team at Touratech has been making accessories for BMW’s GS models for over 30 years, and the company has just released a complete product range for the R 1300 GS to improve ergonomics; protect the motorcycle; and carry gear for a weekend tour, backcountry adventure or the trip of a lifetime. Below are highlights from the product range.

Zega Evo Pannier System

Zeva Evo Pannier System

Zega Evo Panniers offer the ultimate in dry and secure storage for the BMW R 1300 GS while providing the convenience of a quick-mount mechanism. Enjoy quick-release convenience without giving up reliability, even in the most demanding applications.  Finger-friendly latches with ergonomic, die-forged release mechanisms make lid operation smoother, and included ergonomic handles make carrying the cases off the bike easier than ever. The box can be further secured from theft or tampering by using the included keyed locks. 

Retail: $1,939

Zega Pro Pannier System

Zega Pro Pannier System

The R 1300 GS is a great choice for touring, riding two-up or traveling the world. The first thing riders will want to add is secure storage, whether it be for commuting to the office or exploring forest roads. Zega Pro Panniers provide waterproof storage with the security of keyed locks and protection that only hard luggage can provide. The solid aluminum construction offers a range of bolt-on accessories to extend the capacity and utility of the boxes. 

Retail: $1,499

Skid Plate

Skid Plate

The smooth power delivery on the new boxer motor is deeply satisfying when riders twist the throttle. Protecting this powerplant with an Expedition Skid Plate is a great way to keep the boxer motor delivering smiles. The Expedition Skid Plate protects the engine with heavy-gauge, 4-millimeter, welded aluminum with stainless steel support. Available in Silver or Black finish.

Retail: $489.95

Crash Bars

Engine crash bars

The signature look of the boxer comes courtesy of the cylinders sticking out in plain sight. This bike needs crash bars to protect the exposed cylinders and valve covers, which hit the ground when the bike goes down.  Made from 1-inch stainless steel tubing, Touratech Engine Crash Bars provide a cage that wraps around the cylinder and valve covers to protect them from the ground or other hazards. Touratech’s engineers take great care to design the bars in tight to keep the bike narrow for navigating obstacles and also to preserve lean angle. Available in Silver, electropolished finish or Black, epoxy-coated finish. 

Retail: $489.95

Pannier Racks

Pannier bars

The Touratech Pannier Racks were developed specifically for the rugged requirements of adventure travel on the R 1300 GS. The same technology that is used in the pannier racks is used also in the Touratech Crash Bars and the main frame of the BMW R 1300 GS itself: 3-D shaped assemblies, with the 18-by-2-millimeter stainless steel tubes being reinforced with 3-D elements made of 2- and 3-millimeter-thick stainless-steel sheets. This type of construction ensures greater stability while also being lighter. Available in Silver, electropolished finish or Black, epoxy-coated finish. 

Retail: $439

Upper Crash Bars

Upper crash bars

Considering the cost of BMW replacement plastics and how critical the radiator is to a water-cooled boxer engine, upper crash bars are a priority for the BMW R 1300 GS. Extend the protection of your adventure motorcycle with a set of upper fairing crash bars from Touratech. Available for both OEM BMW or Touratech Engine Crash Bars, these stainless-steel upper extensions will add much-needed protection to any R 1300 GS. Available in Silver, electropolished finish or Black, epoxy-coated finish. 

Retail: $489.95

BMW Vario Luggage Liner Bags

Vario Luggage Liner Bag

Liner bags for your BMW R 1300 GS’s factory luggage are a must-have for any touring rider. Using liner bags not only simplifies packing for a trip, but they also make unloading the bike into the hotel or campsite a breeze every night. The R 1300 GS Vario Luggage Liner Bags feature an all-around expansion zipper that increases the capacity along with the stock Vario cases they are designed for. The main compartment zipper can be opened while they are inside the hard case, allowing you to access the contents without removing the liner from the bag. A handy shoulder strap helps when carrying your luggage into the hotel room or to your tent. 

Retail: $159.95

Quick-Release Headlight Guard

headlight guard

Riding with friends is a lot of fun until the lights go out. Don’t let a rock to the headlight compromise your ride. Add a Touratech Headlight Guard that is designed to protect the glass but also accent the styling of the front LED. Riders can quickly remove the guard to wipe the dust off the glass and snap it back into place without even taking off riding gloves. Available in black powder-coated stainless steel. 

Retail: $179.95

Radiator Guards

Radiator Guards

The Touratech Radiator Guards for the BMW R 1300 GS offer robust protection for a critical system. The laser-cut aluminum guards are engineered to protect the radiators from flying rocks or debris while ensuring enough air-flow to keep the engine at a safe operating temperature. The louvered-fin design and black anodized finish accentuate the design language of this modern adventure machine. 

Retail: $169.95

Folding Mirrors

Folding side mirrors

The R 1300 GS is at home wandering off pavement onto dirt roads and brushy trails. When the road gets fun, it often has branches or foliage that grab the OEM mirrors. Touratech Folding Mirrors can be folded in on-the-fly to eliminate the problem. Once on the highway again, the rider can quickly fold them back out, and they are still adjusted properly. The folding mirrors also hold position at highway speeds all day long. This is the perfect mirror for adventure riding and is available for the R 1300 GS and nearly every other model of motorcycle. 

Retail: $99.90 (set of two)

Extreme Waterproof Expandable Tank Bag

expandable bag

Ideal for quick access to essential items like phone chargers, sunglasses, pocketknife, headlamp and more. The bottom of this tank bag is shaped to fit the unique shape of the R 1300 GS, maximizing stability and use of space. Volume can be increased on-demand with the expansion zipper adding to capacity when the rider needs it. The removable map case on top has a clear window allowing visibility of a map or who is calling by phone. 

Retail: $379.95

Large Sidestand Foot

Large Sidestand foot

Soft forest ground, grass or loose gravel might just allow a R 1300 GS to tip over when the side stand plunges into the ground. This can be prevented with the Large Sidestand Foot which provides much more surface area. 

Retail: $79.95

Rear Splash Guard

Rear Splash

Riding in the rain and bad weather, can produce annoying road spray from the rear tire covering everything with dirty with road grime. The Touratech Rear Splash Guard extends the original tailpiece on the BMW R 1300 GS with a nicely finished black anodized aluminum plate, stopping more spay from the rear tire. 

Retail: $69.95

Touratech has been riding BMW’s boxer motor adventure bikes since the days of the R 80 GS. The company has developed products that help the bike fit the rider, improve comfort and control, protect the critical systems on the motorcycle and provide storage solutions for travel. Touratech looks forward to helping the next generation of riders upgrade the R 1300 GS and prepare for their dream adventures. The company welcomes riders to call and speak to a Touratech Adventure Expert today (800) 491-2926.

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