Bridgestone Launches New Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tire

Bridgestone Corporation announced the launch of the BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 tire, a new addition to its lineup of adventure touring motorcycle tires.

Sedona Releases New Video Highlighting 3 Tires

Experience the Buck Snort, Coyote and Mud Rebel RT tires from Sedona Tire & Wheel as the team goes off the grid in search of big game and good times on four wheels.

STI Unveils New Chicane RX UTV Tire

With revised shoulder tread and a slightly narrower profile, these Chicanes give increased side-bite traction and minimal rolling resistance.

Outlaw 2 Tires from High Lifter

High Lifter’s groundbreaking Outlaw has innovative tread wraps all the way to the rim, increasing traction in deep ruts. The tire’s scooped treads maximize pulling, digging and paddling through deep mud and water.

Full Bore M-37 Intermediate Terrain Tire

Full Bore M-37 intermediate terrain motocross tires are designed for serious off-road action. From motocross or national enduro racing to trail riding, Full Bore M-37 Intermediate Terrain tires are 5-ply and up to the task.