SSV Works Announces New OEM Audio Kits

SSV Works’ pair of 6.5-inch marine-grade powersports speakers for the Talon 1000R and Talon 1000X include a coaxial Ti tweeter and are engineered to be heard while riding, even with a helmet.

SSV Works announced the launch of the only OEM audio solution available for Honda’s new Talon SxS line. Shipping in March, the plug and play kit for the Talon 1000R and Talon 1000X has an MSRP of $647.95 and is available exclusively through Honda Powersports dealers and shop.powersports.honda.com.

“This is a true plug and play system…everything is ready to install right out of the box…even the speakers are preloaded,” explained Trevor Kaplan, SSV Works CEO. “Now you can easily add an amp, speakers, and an on-dash Bluetooth media controller to your Talon. Even the wiring is pre-connected and specific to the Talon. It couldn’t be any easier.”

SSV Works’ pair of 6.5-inch marine-grade powersports speakers for the Talon 1000R and Talon 1000X include a coaxial Ti tweeter and are engineered to be heard while riding, even with a helmet. They feature seamless integration molded into the kick panels without compromising leg and feet room.

The included MRB3 media controller includes Bluetooth, Aux-in, FM and AM sources, compact control unit for easy mounting, weather-proof durability, 4-channel 200W max power, control volume/track/play/pause, six preset EQ options, plug and play installation and hyper-white LED back lighting.

Additional specifications and features include:

  • Molded kick panels that optimize sound quality without compromising legroom or ergonomics
  • 50 watt, 4-channel amplifier
  • Plug-&-Play installation includes necessary cables, hardware and instructions

“As the only OEM audio solution available for the Talon 1000R and 1000X, we had to create the ideal system for Honda,” Kaplan added. “In true SSV Works fashion, this new plug & play kit has been designed to withstand the elements while also providing both great audio and ease of installation.”

Link: SSV Works

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