Galfer USA Brake Components

Galfer's steel-braided brake lines, proprietary 420 high carbon stainless steel Wave Rotors and semi-metallic pads will provide substantial improvements in braking performance and feel for the 2014 Honda From MSX 125.

Front brakeGalfer USA is offering brake lines, front and rear rotors, and front pads for the 2014 Honda Grom MSX 125. Galfer’s steel-braided brake lines, proprietary 420 high carbon stainless steel Wave Rotors and semi-metallic pads will provide substantial improvements in braking performance and feel.
The Grom made its debut in Asia in early 2013, and it quickly gained a cult following as it made its way to the U.S. The Grom has become a popular platform for customizing, from engine mods to installation of aftermarket components. Now the Grom can gain superior stopping power with Galfer USA Performance Braking.
Galfer’s steel-braided brake lines prevent brake fade and provide great rider feedback. Pre-positioned banjo fittings make installation easy, and each brake line comes with all of the mounting hardware you need. Pair the lines with a Galfer wave rotor, which allows air to pass over the entire brake pad surface. The result is cooler brakes, better feedback and more consistent performance. Galfer’s rotors are laser cut from high carbon 420SS/8 composite for strength and precision.
Rear brakeThe semi-metallic compound of Galfer’s Honda Grom brake pads are long lasting, and they will cause very little rotor wear.
Galfer Brake Components for the 2014 Honda MSX 125 Grom:
Front brake lines  |  D784-1  |   $55.00
Rear brake lines  |  D784R  |  $55.00
Front brake pads  |  FD298  |  $38.85
Front Rotor  |  DF078W  |  $139.00
Rear Rotor  |  DF911W  |  $139.00

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