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Crankshaft position sensor

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Crankshaft Position Sensors for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

These seven part numbers have fitments for 1999 through current models.


TwinPower announced a new line of Crankshaft Position Sensors (CPS), including seven part numbers with fitments for Harley-Davidson models dating from the 1999 model year through current models using the Milwaukee 8 engine. TwinPower was the first aftermarket company to create a line of these original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-quality sensors and this launch is a significant expansion of the company’s CPS offering.

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The Crankshaft Position Sensor is a critical part of a Harley’s engine management system. It delivers crankshaft position data to the bike’s electronic control module, which in turn determines engine timing and fuel delivery. A motorcycle with a faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor will typically have inconsistent performance and difficulty starting.  

“When a crankshaft position sensor goes bad, your bike isn’t going anywhere,” said James Simonelli, brand manager for Twin Power. “We’ve created these products to be an affordable solution to a common problem. That’s why they are in such high demand from DIY [do-it-yourself] motorcycle owners and motorcycle repair shops seeking a replacement part that will generate profits for their business.” 


Twin Power’s new lineup is 100% tested in the U.S. to meet OEM specifications and has been endurance tested to 60,000 miles to ensure sensor longevity. The units use OEM-style connectors for an exact fit and are designed using encapsulated circuitry, along with vibration and heat resistant polymers, to stand up to the harsh operating environment of a motorcycle’s engine. 

The line includes nine part numbers, each with a different fitment covering the million-plus Harley-Davidson motorcycles made between 1999 and today. Part number and fitment information is available at All of the TwinPower CPS models retail for $52.95. 

TwinPower to OEM Part Numbers: Crankshaft Position Sensor 

TwinPower P/N H-D P/N 
484897 32707-01C 
484898 32798-00B 
484998 32497-99B 
484997 32804-04B 
484995 32798-04C 
484999 32707-00B 
484996 32700048 
484987 32707-01C 
484898 32798-00B 

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