Drag Specialties October Product Releases

Featuring clutch control kits, seats, piston ring sets, coil covers and ABS brake sensors.

Drag Specialties May Product Releases

Check out the hydraulic clutch master cylinder rebuild kit, spin-on oil filter, seats, brake pads and oil pressure sensor.

Drag Specialties products
Drag Specialties Crank Position Sensor

This sensor detects the speed and position of the crankshaft.

Crankshaft Position Sensor
Crankshaft Position Sensors for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

These seven part numbers have fitments for 1999 through current models.

Crankshaft position sensor
Adaptiv Technologies Introduces TPX Motorcycle Laser Jammer and Parking Sensor

This second iteration of “TPX Laser Jammer” features brand new hardware and software that will jam all the laser guns used by law enforcement agencies.

Brain One Smart Telemetry Sensor

Brain One is the world’s first smart telemetry sensor for any extreme action sport. This small, portable device contains a massive range of sensors, including GPS+Glonass, thermometer, microphone, barometer, 9-axis inertial sensor and more, to measure all aspects of an athletic performance, from speed and bending angles to lap time and elevation difference.

Ford Sensor Technology Applied to Motorcycles

Ford is expanding its use of sensor technology to motorcycles, allowing researchers and programers to better understand how cars, bikes and other modes of transportation in combination can create new mobility solutions and help make people’s lives better.

Walker Products Harley-Davidson O2 Sensors

Now available are Walker Products’ O2 Sensors for late model Harley-Davidsons. These O2 sensors have an OE design planar sensor, fast light-off, isolated ground for added robustness, and it enables closed-loop control for better emissions control.