CFMOTO Ignites Excitment at EICMA 2023

The innovative brand is throwing a light on the future with a power-packed lineup.

Vision in motion to spark emotion: CFMOTO showed up in the great halls of the Fiera Milano in Italy for the 80th EICMA show. Its press conference thumbed the start switch on CFMOTO’s EICMA program and set the tone as the lights flashed on the stage with Markus Ferch, vice president sales of Europe, and Carles Solsona, design director, that unveiled new production model, concepts and special bikes in front of hundreds of people watching on-site and around the world thanks to the global streaming through CFMOTO’s official social media accounts.

125NK CONCEPT: Next Generation of Cut the Edge


The NK family is ready to welcome a new member. With the 125NK CONCEPT, CFMOTO is ready to fill the void in the 125cc segment with a bold, daring and unique vision for the perfect “Fun Machine”: a naked bike for the next generation of riders committed to precision, uniqueness and ready to “Cut the Edge” like never before.

The 125NK CONCEPT’s identity is immediate and attractive through the design feeling introduced by the NK-C22 Concept bike. The single-sided swingarm highlights the carbon fiber cover on the rear wheel, while the slim tail grows up to the rider’s seat, nearby which we find a sporty exhaust system that underlines the transbody line of the bike. The big shoulders of the tank are enhanced by unique side panels that develop to the front, where an LED light with a dedicated signature layout is placed.

On the front wheel, the carbon fiber air duct is a straight recall to performance, while the front mudguard is one of the recognizable details of the NK family. All these design features are enhanced by a color scheme that effectively transmits the vibrant dynamism of this Concept bike. The 125NK CONCEPT anticipates one of the most awaited products on the CFMOTO line up. It will enlarge the NK family but also take a special place into the heart of the young two-wheels enthusiasts.

MT-X CONCEPT: Explorer Machine


The MT-X CONCEPT is the manifesto of “X” adventures to be faced when focused on a high-tech vision while living a present time in continuous motion. The unique styling of the graphics and colors give the right personality to a capable machine like the MT-X Concept: the octanium color is synonym of adventure and a mature attitude to new challenges, while the fluo accent is the CFMOTO racing spirit distilled into fun and limitless exploration.

Define your limits and shatter them. The graphics and colors blend streaks of adventure and racing, while the boldness of the design is marked by lines and surfaces that sinuously flow from the back to the front of the bike and vice versa.

The muscular front end is charactherized by a full LED headlight, while the vertical 8-inch TFT touchscreen is inspired by the navigation tower of rally bikes. Also, the floating side wings are a direct recall to the adventure bikes that marked an era of desert races. A 21-inch front wheel, high ground clearance and increased suspension travel are crucial features to overcome every obstacle along the path. The rear panels, a flat rider’s seat and a slim tail are distinctive traits of an off-road DNA inhered into the MT-X Concept.

Every design element plays a key role to perfectly embed the fuel tank, placed with a lower position compared to other MT products so far. An abundance of fuel stored in the right spot effectively lowers the center of gravity, optimizing the overall balance and improving the riding experience in every condition. No boundaries can contain the limitless surge for adventure of the ultimate Explorer Machine.

675 Engine: The 1st 3-Cylinder Engine Developed by CFMOTO

The 675cc three-cylinder powerplant is a completely new in-house project with low weight, high durability, rapid acceleration (due to a low inertia crank) and smooth delivery (due to the FCC slipper clutch) that will equip new, exciting models coming out in 2024. The engine will deliver a maximum torque of 68 newton meters at 8,250 rpm, a maximum power of over 100 horsepower and, furthermore, will reach a peak of 12,300 rpm. Those impressive numbers will lead the new vehicles to an impressive 0 to 100 km/h acceleration in just in three seconds. 

The unit is forged from aluminum to reach a 10% weight reduction compared to similar motors. For CFMOTO’s first ever three-cylinder engine, the weight is limited to 55 kilograms. Forged aluminum pistons contribute to an 8% more strength compared to non-forged ones. (All data comes from CFMOTO Engine Laboratory; specific data may vary for production vehicles.)

450MT: Off-Road Adventuring With a Punch


CFMOTO’s proven and successful 449cc parallel twin platform has been tuned and honed for the fun and excitement of adventure riding. The 450MT’s engine delivers 32.5 kilowatts at 8,500 rpm and 44 newton meters at 6,250 rpm, while dual balance shafts improve the smoothness of the throttle response, reducing drastically the vibrations. With a 270-degree crankshaft, the distinctive sound of the CFMOTO engine thrills the users at every acceleration in every condition. This also makes the riding experience incredibly easy when considering a 175-kilogram dry weight. 

Handling on- and off-road is boosted with 200-millimeter travel offered by the KYB suspensions, adjustable in the preload and on 20 levels of damping. Ergonomics are finely tuned to provide comfort cruising in windy-roads but also guarantee full control in the roughest trails with a high-bent handlebar and dedicated foot pegs.

The bike’s off-road soul is expressed through the tech specs as well as the bodywork and styling: 90/90-21-inch front and 140/70-18-inch rear wheels, 220-millimeter ground clearance and 820-millimeter seat height (800 millimeters with optional seat).

To improve the off-road capabilities, the BOSCH dual-channel anti-lock brakes (ABS) can be turned off on the rear wheel through a dedicated handlebar button. Also, the BOSCH TCS can be disengaged through the curved 5-inch TFT color display with Bluetooth connectivity. 

800NK GP: Ready to Hit the Track


The most powerful naked bike of the NK range is infused with the ambition and the essence behind CFMOTO’s Moto3 racing project as part of MotoGP. The 800NK GP is ready to hit the track with a sporty riding position and elite technical features from the same suppliers that support the race team.

From tires to brakes, high-end adjustable suspensions, slip-on exhaust, raised footrests, lowered handlebar, CNC-ed parts, fork and swingarm protection, and the single seat configuration, everything on the NK GP is race-oriented, and not just the special Moto3 livery that brings the “Cut the Edge” into the racetrack.  

Custom Works: CL-C LOW RIDE and CL-X SPIRIT


The vibes continue with the CL family: The 450CL-C makes its first ever appearance in European soil. The new “Cool Life Cruising” model of CFMOTO is backed by the 700CL-X family. Innovation is a major priority for CFMOTO, but so is expression and design. That’s why Custom Works was born. Through some of the best craftsmen techniques in the industry, the CL-C LOW RIDE and CL-X SPIRIT make their appearance in EICMA 2023.

The CL-C LOW RIDE takes all the clear stylistic cues of the CL-C line and brings a whole new veneer of cool. The bobber style of the rear tail is enhanced by the lenticular rim fitting a large-sized tire, while the single-seat configuration is embellished by contrasting stitching. The aggressive attitude of the LOW RIDE is enhanced by the dual exhaust system, while the engine casing recalls the accent color all around the bike. The CL-C traditional teardrop-shaped fuel tank has been chromed and modified.

Honoring the tradition, 2023 brings the sight of the CL-X SPIRIT right to the front of the stage.The scrambler soul is emboldened by the new, higher, dual exhaust that sits under a freshly profiled saddle with revised shape and a high-quality leather. Another part of the makeover are the spoked wheels with off-road tires.The updated suspensions and brakes keep the scrambler vibes rolling with a large amount of style, thanks to the dedicated paint of the bodywork that perfectly highlights the tubular frame. 

“Times are evolving fast and so are we. It has been and is our vision to become a premium global powersports brand. We follow a clear strategy of globalization, electrification and connectivity to achieve the vision,” said Ferch. The quest for excellence will not slow or cease. CFMOTO has established the brand and is now firing on all cylinders to stay true to its innovative essence. Outstanding vehicles, first-class quality, and emotive design and ideas are helping the firm to be seen, to be heard and be a part of everyday life and mobility.

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