Just My Perspective

My first motorcycle industry trade show experience was in February 1979 at the Dealer Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio. Most of you have heard the story how I headed out to Cincy with a 10’x10’ display full of nothing but bungee cords. The Cincinnati Dealer Expo was the show back then! I was thrilled to be

State of Confusion? No, Time of Transition

Balancing financial stewardship with the cultural demands of an enthusiast-driven business is as big a challenge today as it was 40 years ago.

Embracing the Custom Culture

The custom culture has been around since 1945 but it was not known as such. The world of custom motorcycles was dominated by Harley-Davidson, and from around 1958 through about 2005 was better known by association as the V-twin aftermarket. What changed was the acceptance of multiple brand drivetrains combined with their unique and influential

Life in the Vintage Lane

TODAY’S CUSTOM CULTURE IS HUGELY INFLUENCED BY MOTORCYCLING’S PAST It would be hard to argue the huge influence vintage motorcycling has had on today’s custom culture. We must remember an antique motorcycle is vintage but a vintage bike may not be an antique. Vintage actually represents the enduring characteristics of a period in time when

The Adventure of Touring

I think the Adventure Touring nomenclature is very interesting. I personally have never gone touring on my motorcycle where it has not been an adventure. For sake of this conversation let’s define motorcycle touring as a 1,000-mile plus trip.

The Magic Booth

What makes a tradeshow booth standout? [dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou have a great booth location at AIMExpo, so all you do now is show up in Orlando in October and, like magic, the rest is done. NOT QUITE. Have you ever wondered why two 10 x 20 booths next to each other can be so different? One is

The Urbanization Mode of Motorcycle Transportation

This social generation has ignited a new movement known as “walkable urban development.”

Custom Bike Shows are Alive and Well

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] just got back from Daytona and decided to write this month’s column on a topic near and dear to me – custom bike shows. If you think about it, custom bike shows are a pretty good reflection of the state of our industry. It’s not just the number of shows, but the diversity, the

The Millennial Paradigm Has Shifted, Have You?

Millennials are going to be the first generation to replace the economic power of the baby boomers. So what does that mean to me as a motorcycle industry professional?