New 2024 Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S Unveiled at EICMA

The most dynamic and urban spirit of Vespa is updated with the models that have long symbolized it.

Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S are young icons of style, elegance and technology, with three ultra-modern engines from 50cc to 150cc, all Euro 5+ compliant and two electric versions.

Always Primavera

The first version of Vespa Primavera was born in the turbulent and creative climate of 1968 and quickly became a star, providing the generation that was changing the world with two wheels and a whole lot of style.

With its contained dimensions and innovative lines, light and clean, combined with sparkling performance, simplicity and riding pleasure, Vespa Primavera was a breath of fresh air in a world hungry for change. Its global success made it one of the most beloved models in Vespa history.

Designed according to the same principles of style and elegance, and equipped with the very best technology of the time, Vespa Primavera was reborn in 2013. The “small body” Vespa, which has always embodied the youngest and most urban spirit of Vespa, became ultra-modern, designed to ensure mobility with the elegance of an exclusive design but also practicality and unique technical solutions, such as the full steel body. Harnessing the best technology of the time, the design and style of the new Vespa Primavera represented a real step forward with respect to previous generations.

Exactly 10 years since its return, Vespa Primavera now undergoes an important style and technology revamp while very much remaining true to itself. The Vespa story is, after all, one of infinite technical and style development. The modifications from one model to the next are often minimal, at times significant, but never lose sight of the original idea that has always put style, elegance and riding pleasure at the heart of the project.

Vespa Sprint

Vespa Sprint S
Vespa Sprint S

In the mid 1960s, a new generation of sports Vespa invaded Europe’s roads. These little “rockets” were small, quick, extremely agile and modern, just like the spirit of the guys and girls riding them. Born out of the “small body” that characterized Vespa 50 and Vespa Primavera, they divided the world of the best-loved scooter into two families, leaving the large body models to the adults.

A New Style, Always Vespa 

Owning a Vespa has always been a lifestyle choice — a statement of independence, elegance and positivity. Vespa represents a style that has continued to evolve, often anticipating or setting trends, and always modern, always current, accompanying the generations that have long trusted in Vespa for their freedom. 

Sharing the same exclusive steel body that has always distinguished Vespa from every other scooter, ensuring it is unique, Primavera and Sprint S now flaunt a series of style updates that bring them even more up-to-date. 

The Piaggio Centro Stile continues to identify new finishings and new combinations of materials while ensuring meticulous attention to detail to highlight the uniqueness and different spirits of Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint. 

The entire handlebar block has been redesigned with real attention to both the overall shape and the details, while the hand grips are also new for more immediate, natural control. The leg shield back plate on the Primavera and Sprint S is new, elevating the sensation of perceived material and assembly quality. The Vespa Primavera Tech version, complete with keyless system, incorporates a selector that replaces the traditional key ignition. The rims are new, with a five-spoke design for the Primavera, while the six spokes of the Sprint S form a particular spiral shape that adds energy and dynamism to the silhouette. Additional elements that have undergone a style revamp include the new crest on the mudguard (only for Vespa Primavera), and the new design and finishings of the central steering cover. Even the seat has been improved on the various versions, thanks to the use of new materials that ensure a better finish. 

New Technology 

As well as undergoing a significant restyling, the new Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S also receive a technical upgrade to ensure they remain cutting-edge, just as Vespa has always done throughout its history, embodying the best-available technology decade after decade. The Tech version of Vespa Primavera adopts the key-less system, which sees the classic ignition switch on the rear shield replaced by a practical selector. Using the button located on the right-hand control bock, the rider need only switch this to the ON position, and then the engine starts as usual. The key is used to open the seat and activate the Vespa remote identification system, which causes all the indicators to flash — a particularly useful function in busy car parks. 

The new instrument panel, adopted by all Primavera and Sprint S versions (except for Primavera Tech 150 and Elettrica), elegantly combines both analog and digital functions, displayed on a 3-inch LCD screen. The traditional elegance of the Vespa speedometer is integrated with a series of functions including distance-based trip management, fuel consumption and average and maximum speed. The digital instrumentation also allows for management of the Vespa MIA multimedia platform, which connects Vespa to a smartphone — as standard on Vespa Primavera Tech and optional across the rest of the range. 

In 150cc versions, Vespa Primavera Tech adopts a technological new 5-inch TFT Full Color instrument panel, one of the most advanced available today. In addition to trip and vehicle-related functions, the Vespa MIA app allows the TFT screen to display all the functions for the management of phone calls, messages and music playlists as well as pictogram-based navigation, with a double day/night viewing mode.  

Safety is also heightened with LED technology used for all the lights, both for Primavera and Vespa Sprint S. The new elements include the headlight, taillight and characteristic indicators integrated into the chassis. Greater visibility and better lighting improve the riding and level of safety in all conditions. 

Two Successful Families 

The arrival of the new Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S versions allows for a rational redesign of the Vespa range, with Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S now available with both a combustion engine and an electric motor. The fuel-powered versions, with an engine capacity of 50cc or 150cc, flaunt an ultra-modern, four-stroke engine with three valves and electronic injection. All are compliant with the latest Euro 5+ standard. 

In line with its eco-friendly spirit, the new “small body” Vespa range is also available with an electric motor, with the Primavera Tech equipment package. The model with an electric power unit flaunts technology developed in recent years on the Vespa Elettrica, born in 2018, with the battery located under the seat. An efficient and compact layout that ensures the unique and iconic Vespa design remains intact — because Vespa is not simply an electric scooter but a work of art with a technological heart. 

A Colorful Universe

With its colorful, carefree universe, Vespa expresses the personality of its rider. This is why the new Primavera and Sprint S are keen to exploit the Vespa color tradition, building on it to create a look that is even more lively and contemporary.

Vespa Primavera is available in Bianco Innocente, Nero Convinto, Verde Amabile, Arancio Impulsivo and Blu Energico, each paired with elegant chrome finishings. With its different engines, Vespa Primavera is also available with the Primavera S trim, which offers trendy shades paired with dedicated seat, finishings and graphics. Colors include Beige Avvolgente, Nero Convinto Opaco and Giallo Curioso.
Primavera Tech expresses the most technological Vespa heart, its Blu Energico Opaco and Grigio Entusiasta colors contrasting with irreverent graphics and neon green finishings.
Vespa Sprint S is available in five colors: Bianco Innocente, Nero Convinto Opaco, Verde Ambizioso, Rosso Coraggioso and Blu Eclettico. Each shade is paired with dedicated graphics and bold black details, with either a matte finish — in the case of the traditional steering cover, for example — or a polished look, like the wheels.

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