Made to fit 2018-2021 Gold Wing Tour/Non-Tour, the new PathfinderLED Multi-Function Saddlebag LED lights dramatically increase the rear visibility on Gold Wings while keeping the factory look. Designed with the rider in mind, these new Dynamic Saddlebag Lights have built-in Running Lights + Dynamic Brake lights + Sequential turn signals to keep riders visible and

PathFinderLED Power Distribution Accessory Hub for Gold Wing

Easily connect aftermarket lighting such as running lights, third brake lights or auxiliary equipment without worrying about lighting errors or CANBUS fault codes while protecting your CANBUS electrical system.

PathFinderLED Dynamic LED Spoiler for Honda Gold Wing

The LED spoiler is styled so that it would have a sporty yet minimalist and seamless fit on the Gold Wing trunk.

PathFinderLED Releases New Ultra Flash LED Bulbs for Honda Gold Wing GL1800

Designed to increase visibility, PathFinderLED bulbs are known to be one of the brightest with “instant intensity” and now have an ultra-flash feature. This new ultra flash feature is programmed into the bulb, not to annoy drivers but to alert them when you are braking.

PathFinderLED Releases Ultra-Flash High-Intensity LED Bulbs

Designed to increase visibility, PathFinderLED bulbs are known to be one of the brightest with “instant intensity” and now have an ultra-flash feature.

PathFinderLED Releases High-Intensity Switchback LED Bulb

Unlike other models that are vaguely bright, PathFinderLED only uses high performance LED chips for ultra brightness and reliability.

PathFinderLED Cowl DRL Light with Sequential LED Technology

These lights install on the lower cowl area of the bike and sits right beside the fog lights. They dramatically increase your presence on the road by adding front and side visibility.

PathFinderLED Launches DF Series LED Bulbs

The DF Series are a new generation of LED bulbs suitable for OEM replacement and have improved beam patterns as opposed to stock incandescent bulbs.

PathFinderLED High Mount Multi-Function LED Light for Honda Gold Wing

When brakes are applied, the Ultra Bright Dynamic LEDs activate in a rapid fire sequence which instantly alerts drivers behind you to respond quicker than they normally would.

PathFinder LED Gold Wing Tour Multifunction Fog Light Kit

The light kit features three different functions built in, including fog light and daytime running lights; daytime running lights only; and an enhanced LED strobe mode.

PathFinderLED’s New USB Rechargeable Multi-Function LED Work Light

The work light has a built in magnet and swivels 270 degrees and features five different lighting modes from ultra bright to emergency strobe mode.

PathFinderLED Releases Multi-Function LED Lights for Honda Gold Wing

An industry first product, the G18MFS has three different lighting features which are activated via the OEM on/off switch on the control panel.