Pro Moto Billet Foot Pegs Feature Ankle Saver Technology

Fastway by Pro Moto Billet Air EXT Foot Pegs, featuring Ankle Saver technology, are the ultimate choice that give riders the next level performance advantage over the competition.

Pro Moto Billet Adds to Lineup of Foot Pegs

The Evolution EVO 4’s feature all of the company’s technology and design of its EVO AIR’s, wrapped up in a stainless steel body making these pegs nearly indestructible.

Fastway Adventure Pegs

These pegs are designed for adventure. Whether you’re ripping a snow bike across the frozen back-country, riding an old road bed through a deep pine forest, or cruising along a twisty mountain road – Fastway’s Adventure pegs offer a level of comfort and control you’ve never thought possible.

Fastway EVO 4 Foot Pegs

Pro Moto Billet’s EVO 4 foot pegs feature all of the technology and design of the EVO Air pegs, wrapped up in a stainless steel body. Measuring 2.25″ front to back by 3.50″ wide.

Pro Moto Billet Honda Africa Twin Cargo Rack

Pro Moto Billet’s cargo rack for the Honda Africa Twin is CNC machined from a 1/2 inch thick plate of 6061 billet aluminum. The rack is then ‘hard clear’ anodized for durability, ease of maintenance, and protection from the elements.

Fastway Evolution AIR Footpegs

Designed and sculpted out of the best 2024 Billet aluminum by Pro Moto Billet elite engineers and machinists, then hard anodized and laser etched for looks- means that the Fastway Evolution AIR pegs are not your low quality imported run-of-the-mill footpegs.

Fastway Linkage Guard

Fastway has introduced the new adjustable Linkage Guard. Fastway teamed up with the suspension pros at Stillwell Performance to design a product that replaces the linkage arm with a hybrid guard and adjustable suspension link.

Fastway by Pro Moto Billet Chainsaw Adapter

This Chainsaw Adapter bolts quickly to Fastway by Pro Moto Billet Cargo Racks, and makes a stable, secure mount for your saw. It comes with a durable rubber pad, mounting plate and hardware, and an orange scabbard suitable for bars up to 18-inches in length.

Fastway Honda Kickstands

Fastway by Pro Moto Billet 2016 Honda Kickstands are now in-stock. Don’t settle for kickstands that get in the way, bounce around
or break easily. Fits CRF 450 & 250 models.

Fastway Husqvarna and KTM Kickstands

Fastway by Pro Moto Billet Kickstands are easy to install, have superior strength, long lifespan and a lightweight design that make them the kickstand of choice for many Factory ISDE and Enduro riders.

Fastway AIR EXT Footpeg

Fastway AIR EXT’s are the next level in footpeg technology. Adding confidence and personalized control to your aggression on the bike.

Fastway Adjustable Linkage Guard for KTMs

Fastway, by Pro Moto Billet, has announced the Adjustable Linkage Guard for the new KTM Off-Road and MX bikes. Along with Stillwell Performance, Fastaway designed a product that replaces the linkage arm with a protective guard and an adjustable suspension link.