Snowmobile Engine Backfires and Spark Plugs

Learn what a back fire is and how to fix it.

S&S Cycle Big Bore Kits

These 129-inch and 132-inch kits for 2017-2022 Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight engines are literally huge.

Big Bore Kits
S2 Ep. 11: Getting the Engine Into the Hull

We’re in the home stretch of fixing this engine before dropping it back in.

Project X
S2 Ep. 9: Installing Camshafts and Setting Engine Timing

We’ll make sure you know how to get your engine correctly timed.

Project X, S2 Ep 9
S2 Ep. 8: Intermediate Housing and Driveshaft

Time to rebuild!

Project X
S2 Ep. 3: Engine Tear Down

It’s time to remove the engine and see what’s really going on inside.

Project X, engine
Two-Stroke Engine Tech Has a Future

As hybrid vehicles continue to be on the rise, the two-stroke engine might have a comeback.

two-stroke engine
Project X E5: Picking Up the Engine Pieces

Last week, we were finishing the engine teardown so we could install the new cylinder jug and rings (among other things) to bring the compression back to specifications. This week, we are going to get it all back together and installed in the Polaris chassis and hopefully get it started. But before we do that,

EVO: The Engine That Saved Harley from Bankruptcy

The Motor Company has come a long way since its first motorcycle prototype built in 1903. The Evolution (Evo) engine is a V-twin engine that has been manufactured and used by Harley since 1984 for a variety of different models, according to a story posted on Lowbrow Customs’ blog.

Wiseco Introduces Racer Elite Connecting Rods

The connecting rods were designed, developed and manufactured in Wiseco’s Mentor, OH, manufacturing facility.

Project X E4: Engine Disassembly Required

In this episode of Project X, Josh takes us through, step-by-step, showing the process of removing the engine and components (i.e., clutch) from our Polaris Sportsman 800 before getting to work on the big mill. Then we show you how to remove the engine from the chassis and pull the cylinder head and cylinder jug.

Yamaha and ShinMaywa Sign Agreement for New Small Aircraft

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. have signed an agreement for the joint research of next-generation small aircraft. Under this agreement, Yamaha will explore avenues for adapting its small-engine technologies to the aviation industry. ShinMaywa will adapt its aircraft engineering technologies and expertise – garnered through the development of flying boats and various