Ziggy: Sparking Change in the Industry

With a diverse offering of e-mopeds, e-bikes, low speed vehicles, scooters and off-road vehicles, the company is answering the demand for electric mobility, by developing smarter, more convenient and more efficient vehicles.

Driven by innovation and advanced technology, Ziggy is moving the electric vehicle market forward. With a diverse offering of e-mopeds, e-bikes, low speed vehicles, scooters and off-road vehicles, the company is answering the demand for electric mobility, by developing smarter, more convenient and more efficient vehicles. Yasir Zoha, founder and CEO of Ziggy, spoke with MPN about how the company is leading the charge in electric mobility. 

MPN: Can you explain the history of Ziggy Wheels and how you got started in the industry?

YZ: My business partner Gautam Jain and I have been doing business globally, providing mobility solutions in 25-30 different countries. I come from a Fortune 500 managing background. Back in 2018, we got together and wanted to create a division of electric mobility solutions because we saw a huge opportunity for growth in this space. We knew this is the future and we wanted to be a pioneer in the street-legal LSV (low-speed vehicle) electric market because there weren’t many people taking it in. Just for electric scooters, there is about a $20 billion market globally, and in 10 years, it will double. Right now, the U.S. is still behind Europe, but demand is increasing by multiple folds. 

MPN: What is driving the demand in the United States for electric mobility?

YZ: It’s eco-friendly. Green mobility has less noise pollution and less air pollution. A lot of people are becoming aware of it in the U.S. Tesla has paved the way for a lot of U.S. consumers. They understand that now we’re able to get high-quality lithium ion batteries that can give a decent distance and range to be able to commute effectively. When we started, we wanted to get in early and develop high-quality affordable products before the marketplace got too crowded. Now, a lot of big brands are starting to get into it. So, in a way, we’re doing the same kind of thing that Tesla did. We just want to introduce high-quality products into the market. 

MPN: There’s years of industry expertise behind the scenes on the Ziggy executive team that leads into the production of your high-quality products.

YZ: Yes. My business partner Gautam has worked for Goldman Sachs and about 18 years ago, he decided to get into the automotive industry. He brings a lot of experience of handling distribution of global automotive brands across the world, along with our General Manager Mike Hillman, who has 25 plus years of experience in the U.S. powersports industry. At Ziggy, we have company executives who worked closely with dealers, understand their pain points and are committed to their success.

MPN: I recently read that your partner, Yadea, had a very successful year in 2019. Do you expect that kind of demand now, especially with the coronavirus globally?

YZ: Our partner, Yadea, sold over 6 million units last year in 77 countries. We are their exclusive partners for the USA and are bringing in products under the Ziggy brand. We have gotten reactions from our dealers, saying it’s really an iPhone quality of e-mopeds. We’re confident that during this pandemic, there is a phenomenal demand for personal mobility. Our sales are growing because a lot of people are trying to avoid public transportation. Globally, the market in Europe is bigger than the U.S., but I think the U.S. is catching on now. It is slowly increasing. People are becoming more aware and the electric space will keep rising.

MPN: What models are selling best for Ziggy?

YZ: The two models we’re introducing right now are the Z3 and G5 and a couple more before the end of the year. There is a huge demand for high-quality electric vehicles, which can go the distance. Our products have disc brakes, lithium-ion batteries and a digital display, which all makes a very compelling offering. Demand for personal transportation is up and we are ready to keep up with the increasing demand.  There is plenty of inventory available ready to ship to dealers. Our electric golf carts are also extremely popular. That segment is growing
as well.

MPN: If a dealer is looking to add Ziggy to their dealership, what are some benefits to being a Ziggy dealer?

YZ: The biggest advantage would be working with a company that’s going to build a long-term strategic business relationship by not selling our products online or have our own retail stores to be in direct competition with our dealers. We offer a great dealer profit margin so they can grow their business. We follow strict state guidelines and DOT compliance when we sign each licensed dealer. We are centrally located in Grapevine, Texas, and have partnered with a number of logistics companies to offer great shipping rates to dealers throughout the USA. We strongly believe in backing our dealers and providing technical support, including making sure they have access to spare parts and accessories. We have a digital marketing team that generates leads for us, and directs those leads to our dealers through our dealer locator tool on our website. We work closely with Facebook, LinkedIn, search engine optimization and Google AdWords to access those customers.
My personal commitment is to be able to support dealers and help them grow. With so many people needing personal transportation and wanting to go green; we are providing quality products to customers. It’s a win-win situation! 

Link: Ziggy

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