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Yamaha Motor Develops New System for Evaluating Riding Skills

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has developed the Yamaha Riding Feedback System (YRFS) to evaluate riding skills and provide the results in visual form as feedback for riders in order to help advance their skills. The system will be introduced into the Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) curriculum from April 10, 2021.

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The YRFS uses a simple GPS-based logger device to acquire data for vehicle position and speed and then converts the values for acceleration, deceleration and cornering during the ride into visual form. Photos taken during the lesson of a participant’s body positioning while cornering and the riding data acquired will be listed on a feedback sheet given to the participant after the lesson. By providing a comparison of the rider’s performance over the course of the lesson to better indicate areas needing attention together with the advice and comments given by the instructors, participants can review their points for improvement with greater clarity, thereby helping support the growth of their riding skills.


In the process of exploring new fields under our exclusive development ideal of Jin-Ki Kanno (the seductive exhilaration felt when one with the machine), Yamaha Motor has conducted extensive research into human operation and vehicle dynamics. YRFS was developed based on the knowledge and technologies gained through this research. As the system package is simple and can be used with any model, Yamaha will first kick off usage with safe riding activities in Japan, and then gradually bring YRFS to Thailand, China and other instruction sites overseas.

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