Yamaha Introduces 2020 MT-03 Hyper Naked Motorcycle

With its easy-to-ride engine character, lightweight handling and aggressive styling, the all-new MT-03 fully embodies the signature Yamaha MT (Master of Torque) family design.

 Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA introduced the 2020 MT-03 as an all-new entry-level model in the company’s Hyper Naked motorcycle segment. With its easy-to-ride engine character, lightweight handling and aggressive styling, the all-new MT-03 fully embodies the signature Yamaha MT (Master of Torque) family design.

The Dark Side of Japan
Many see Japan as a traditional and respectful society where conformity is the norm, but behind this stereotypical image lies a vibrant sub-culture where new fashions and ideas are constantly emerging. These same creative forces that drive the darker and unconventional side have inspired and shaped the unique MT motorcycles, giving every rider the chance to experience thrilling torque, outstanding agility and provocative design from the Dark Side of Japan.

With the global introduction of the MT series in 2013, Yamaha clearly showed the intention to create a new type of motorcycle aimed at riders searching for a new way to express themselves. The Hyper Naked motorcycle segment was quickly developed to grow in range, offering riders the chance to step up in experience and performance through the complete MT lineup. The Hyper Naked segment is in constant evolution, as evidenced by the all-new MT-03.

All-New MT-03: Dark Lightning
With a radical and aggressive look, the all-new MT-03 hallmarks advanced design and an overall high-quality specification. Equipped with a 321cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine that produces smooth and easy-to-ride power delivery, and optimized suspension settings for precise handling and outstanding agility, it is the ultimate full-sized entry-level motorcycle.

Aggressive next-generation MT design
Yamaha’s introduction of the MT-09 in 2013 brought a radical and dynamic new look to the streets. With its naked bodywork, mass-forward design, thrilling linear torque, and outstanding agility, the first Yamaha Hyper Naked motorcycle was an overnight success that proved to be the start of a whole new movement.

Created using the same DNA that made its 847cc triple-cylinder MT-09 sibling one of the best-selling Yamaha models of all time, the all-new MT-03’s aggressive next-generation design strengthens the iconic MT look.
Dynamic mass-forward body design
With a unique design that features a ‘tightly-packed’ look around the engine area, Yamaha’s MT models project a  powerful and aggressive character that distinguishes them from other motorcycles. This mass-forward look is taken to the next level on the all-new MT-03 with a wide-shouldered fuel tank cover and lightweight air scoops that reinforce the strong family links. 

Dual-position lights and an LED headlight
The all-new MT-03 sports an aggressive face featuring dual angled position lights that convey an aggressive look and underline the pure MT DNA running through its veins.

While the dual position lights are the main focus of attention and provide a dramatic and menacing stare, a small but powerful LED headlight is positioned centrally and inconspicuously beneath the front cowl assembly. This minimalist design creates a unique and charismatic look that reinforces the bike’s bold and futuristic style while projecting a brilliant beam of light.

LED turn signals perfectly complement the position lights and headlight and integrate well in the aggressive MT style.

Sophisticated 321cc twin-cylinder engine
At the heart of this next-generation Hyper Naked motorcycle is one of the smoothest powerplants in the class, featuring a balanced twin-cylinder configuration that delivers a much smoother feeling at lower rpm when compared to some single-cylinder models.

Its high-tech internals include carburized connecting rods and lightweight, heat-resistant forged pistons whose low reciprocating weight reduces vibration and enhances throttle response. All-aluminum DiASil cylinders offer excellent heat dissipation properties for reduced horsepower losses.

37mm KYB upside-down front forks
High-specification KYB upside-down forks deliver enhanced handling performance during braking, acceleration, and cornering, and make the all-new MT-03 one of the strongest and most exciting performers in its class. Featuring black-colored outer tubes and 37mm inner tubes, these forks – together with the aggressive new front cowl and dual position lights – give this premium lightweight all of the presence and stature of a much larger capacity MT.

Long swingarm with Monocross rear shock
Yamaha first introduced the long swingarm concept on its YZF-R1 Supersport model, and the same technology is used to good effect on the all-new MT-03. The 22.6” long asymmetrical swingarm pivots close to the machine’s midway point and reduces the variance in the bike’s angle with the road surface to give a high level of controllability during braking, cornering, and acceleration. A seven-step preload-adjustable Monocross rear shock further refines the bike’s overall handling performance.

Lightweight and compact diamond-type frame
The lightweight diamond-type tubular steel frame is constructed to give the optimum balance of rigidity and contributes to the bike’s agile handling and lightweight feel. By mounting the engine as a stressed member, Yamaha’s designers were able to keep chassis weight to a minimum. With the added fitment of 37mm upside-down forks paired with a street-tuned rear suspension, the all-new MT-03 is built to deliver a thrilling and sporty ride.

Ergonomic riding position
A wide-shouldered fuel tank paired with compact bodywork achieves the optimum riding position and enables riders to experience the highest levels of comfort and control in different situations. The slim center section allows the rider to mold their body closer to the bike, while the low seat height, higher-mounted handlebars, and a compact frame guarantee a natural and ergonomic riding position that creates a special feeling of rider/machine unity.

High-tech LCD instruments
Stylish instruments convey the quality that characterizes this lightweight Hyper Naked motorcycle. The attractive meter panel features a negative LCD layout with all data displayed in white on a black background, and the multi-function design is convenient to operate. 

Signature MT family look and high-quality finish
With its dramatic looks, mass-forward bodywork and 37mm KYB upside-down forks, the all-new MT-03 has a look and feel of Yamaha’s larger capacity MT models. From the aggressive dual-eye face to the LCD instruments, LED turn signals and cast aluminum upper triple clamp, this dynamic lightweight is packed with premium features and advanced Yamaha technology, making it one of the most sophisticated models in this category. 

2020 MT-03 Key Features

  • Aggressive next-generation MT design
  • 321cc twin-cylinder engine with easy-to-ride engine character
  • 37mm upside-down KYB front forks
  • Long swingarm with Monocross rear shock
  • Lightweight diamond-type frame layout
  • Ergonomic riding position
  • LED headlight and turn signals
  • Dual-position lights
  • LCD instrumentation
  • High-quality big-bike look and feel

Colors, price and availability

  • Ice Fluo and Midnight Black
  • $4,599 MSRP
  • Arrival at authorized Yamaha dealers beginning in February 2020

Link: Yamaha

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