Why They Buy: Suzuki C109RT

Bob Kallenbach of Kent, Ohio, discusses why he purchased his Suzuki cruiser.

Bob Kallenbach
Age: 45
Hometown: Kent, Ohio
Occupation:  Director of Quality Engineering

What type of motorcycle did you buy?

I bought a Suzuki C109RT. It’s the largest cruiser they make at 1800cc.

Is this your first bike?

I had a smaller motorcycle before this one, and I guess you could say I “cut my teeth on it.” I didn’t want to go out and buy a big, brand new bike and have payments and all that goes with it unless I knew riding was something that I knew I wanted to do.

How long have you been riding?

I’ve been riding for almost three years now. I rode when I was younger, but that was a while ago, and you know how it is — you get busy. Now it’s totally different: I’ve got friends who are my age and who also just started riding in the last three to four years. We started networking with other people who ride, and a small group of us ride together. The wives go, too, so it’s a couples thing. But it’s not a mid-life crisis for me. It’s an opportunity. If the kids are grown and you don’t have to worry about a lot of bills,  and you’re at a certain level in your job where you’re financially better off, that’s where means and opportunity meet. It was the right time to do it now. It’s not a mid-life crisis if you’re being responsible.

Where did you buy your bike?

I got it from State 8 Motorcycles in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Why did you choose this bike?

We got to talking about horsepower at the dealership, and I wanted something with torque and better top end that would get up and go. I didn’t want to go full touring because that’s a lot of hardware. Those are big bikes, and I didn’t want to pay that much for it anyway. So this bike was a good match for me.

What made you decide to buy the bike?

The funny thing was I was actually at the dealership to pick up a part for my old bike. As a habit, whenever I go into any bike shop, although I tend to deal with the same shop, I always say, show me what’s new. Even though I was there for parts, I am always curious, it just keeps me up to date with what’s out there and what things cost, what they look like. It always looks different when you’re standing next to it than in a photo you see somewhere.
I always kept my ear open for something because I was getting more serious about riding. So I guess I was in the market, and I thought in the back of my mind if I find the deal that works for me, then I’d be interested in a bigger, new bike.

How was your sales experience?

I went in and said I didn’t want anything less than a 1500cc and that I wanted a cruiser. They showed me around, but I said I didn’t want any payments bigger than a certain amount. They rolled out this Suzuki that they had bought from another dealer as excess inventory, and it wasn’t even prepped or anything. They just got it the day before I saw it. There were two, one was silver/black, and it was sold the day it arrived, and the other was blue/white. The bike wasn’t even unpacked yet when I saw the blue/white and bought it that day. They were both 2008 bikes and selling like hotcakes.

How did you choose the dealership?

When I was looking for parts, I used State 8 a lot for my old bike. I like the area, and I was familiar with the dealership. I had no intention of getting the bike that day. I knew that if the right bike jumped out I could do it. It just so happens they had what I was looking for and for the price I wanted.

Have you been back to the dealer for any service or accessories?

I had a Cobra exhaust and Power Commander put on the bike at State 8. I also had my first warranty service maintenance work done there. I bought a set of Cobra Fatty’s freeway bars and foot pegs that I installed myself. I also got a studded fuel tank cover that matches the seat studs. Currently, I have a set of Boulevard passenger floor boards on order.

Would you recommend the dealership to a friend?

Yes, I would and have recommended the State 8 Motorcycle dealership to friends.

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