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Why They Buy: Kawasaki Ninja ER-6F 650cc

Each month, MPN profiles a customer who recently bought a new powersports unit. We explore what motivates riders to select specific units, P&A and most importantly their dealership of choice.


Name: Emma McEachan

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Age: 24

London, UK

Occupation: Human Resources Manager, International Real Estate

How did you get into riding?
Having had a passion for cars and bikes since I was tiny, I’d always wanted to learn but never had the opportunity; a family relation was killed biking, and as a result my parents would never agree to me learning whilst I was still under their care. Growing up, I had other priorities for my money — university, post-grad courses, etc. On completion of my student life, I decided to finally do the thing I’d been crying out to do — learn to ride. I completed the Direct Access course in six days, advancing from complete novice to test-standard; I passed my test and after much anticipation, purchased my motorcycle.


What type of powersports unit did you buy? I bought a Kawasaki Ninja ER-6F 650cc

What other powersports units have you owned in the past?
None, this is my first.

Why did you select this model? Having taken the Direct Access course, I had immediate access to any size motorcycle I wanted. However, being sensible about things and realizing my lack of biking experience, I opted for a sporty road bike; I’d read reviews and spoken to various biking buddies, and the new ER-6F seemed highly rated. I loved the new facelift Kawasaki had given the ER-6F and fell in love with the stardust white color way (it matched my kit perfectly!) It’s a fantastic motorcycle and has helped build my skills immensely. Next year, I’ll be moving onto a Suzuki GSXR 750cc.


Where did you buy your new toy? Taunton Kawasaki.

How did you choose the dealership? I had a good relationship with the dealers and knew them previously from biking as a passenger with friends.

What salesperson did you work with? An entire family — the franchise is owned by a father and his two sons with the mother regularly stopping by for a cup of coffee. The family atmosphere makes for great sales!

Did you buy parts, accessories or pre-paid maintenance? I bought a matching Kawasaki ER-6F tank protector and ACF50 anti-corrosion spray (I highly recommend this — the best on the market).


What do you think of the service department? All servicing is carried out at the dealership by the owners. My bike had its first service a month or so ago, and the service was quick and efficient. The only downside was the cost — to keep the bike within warranty, I have to get it serviced at a dealership, which always costs more than an independent garage.

Would you recommend the dealership to a friend? Absolutely!

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