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Why Leather Saddlebags Are Preferred By Most Motorcycle Riders

It is encouraged that everyone select a saddlebag according to their needs, however, more and more people are drawn towards leather saddlebags for a few reasons.


If you own a motorcycle and you like to travel, the chances are that either you already have a used pair of saddlebags, or you are looking for a suitable pair of saddlebags just right now. No matter the situation, you need to know about your possible options first. We are all familiar that there are so many different options that you can choose from, starting from the hardcover pannier to synthetic bags and then leather saddlebags; every type has its own perks and drawbacks.

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For most motorcycle riders, hardcover panniers were known to be the best choice because of their nature of the job. Hardcover saves the luggage that you are trying to take with you, so this is something that you will find usually attached to the motorcycles of road runners or delivery boys. However, if you have something that is not for the job but rather for recreational purposes, card cover cannot be your choice.

For beginners who buy leather saddlebags just because of their appeal and because they go with the overall style, there is far more to saddlebags than just a style statement. However, it is encouraged that everyone select a saddlebag according to their need; however, more and more people are drawn towards leather saddlebags. As most people are not familiar with why riders like to use leather saddlebags as compared to synthetic or hardcore saddlebags, we listed a few reasons the saddlebag industry is seeing a surge in the demand for leather saddlebags.



When we think about a bike ride, we think about a leather jacket, shiny helmet and sunglasses to match the look. With the help of leather saddlebags, you are trying to help your bike amplify the effect and further complement your look. We have seen companies manufacturing leather saddlebags to match the overall look of the motorcycle; you can get these saddlebags in red, brown, black, blue and grey. Apart from the natural leather that we all love, there is now synthetic leather that is becoming quite popular. You can not only save money through synthetic leather, but you will also be able to save the environment.



For everyone who loves to mix and match and move with fashion, customization is one thing that we all want to try at some point. You must have seen bikers with matching leather jackets and saddlebags so, when they add studs and bedazzles on their jacket, they like to do the same with their luggage as well. We have seen people adding frills and buttons to their saddlebags so that they can make them look more appealing. On the other hand, hardcover saddlebags cannot be customized in any way.


Unlike other types of saddlebags, leather saddlebags are adjustable and are flexible as well. This means you can stuff it up as much you like, and it will still sustain the weight. When it comes to hardcover saddlebags, there is a limited capacity.



Size is one thing that most people get very conscious about; we all want something that has good enough capacity but still doesn’t cover too much space. With a leather bag, you have various options, and you can select various sizes. You can have small size saddlebags that you can hang on the sides, or you can get something small to adjust at the front as well. With hardcover saddlebags, they come in specific sizes, and it is usually adjusted at the back.


Leather saddlebags come in many different options; these options are not just limited to size but also style, color and adjustability. Apart from this, you can easily provide your own measurement and design and get it custom made. Apart from this, you can get various colors and adjustment options to meet your requirements. Most people also get their names printed on leather saddlebags to make them stand out as well.


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